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Razor MX650 Upgrade to 1000 Watt Motor

I am thinking of modifying my son's Razor MX650 electric dirtbike to a 36v 1000watt motor.

Here is the bike I have for my son.

Besides the motor could you tell me what other parts to order ?

What else do I need to consider before I start this upgrade?

Any advice or suggestions are welcome.



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I made the kit with 15Ah batteries as requested. It is our item # KIT-604. Here is a link to it:

Please note that this kit requires custom installation.

Order number 119442. 

Thanks for your order. 

can't reuse the original charging port?

You are right, the original MX650 charger port can be reused and will plug directly into the controller that was included with the kit. It looks like the polarity between these two part may not be correct, so to be on the safe side make sure that when you plug the charger port and controller together that the red wires lines up with each other and the black wires line up with each other.

Is is possible to get a kit made with the below? It is the same, but omitting the batteries.

Charger: 1 quantity of item # CHR-48V3AXLR 

Controller: 1 quantity of item # SPD-481000C

Throttle: 1 quantity of item # THR-88

We can make a kit for the MX500/MX650 with those parts. If you want the kit to be plug and play with the bike then we will need to make a wiring harness that goes between the battery pack and new controller, and between the power switch and new controller.

Do you want the kit with new wiring harnesses so it is plug and play with the bike? Or would you prefer for us to only install connectors on the controller and throttle so they will plug into each other?

Plug and play would be best thanks. Let me know when you have the kit built and I will place the order. This is for the MX 650 so the wire length should be as stated above.

I went ahead and made the kit. Here is a link to it: 

Please note that this kit requires custom installation.

With this kit the first wiring harness connects the battery pack to the new controller however it does not go to the power switch like the original wiring harness does. The second wiring harness connects the power switch to the new controller. And the third wiring harness connects the two brake switch connectors to the new controller. To install the new 48 Volt 1000 Watt controller onto the MX650 these three adapters are required because the new controller's wiring and connectors are different than the old controller's wiring connectors. 

Thanks a lot. Order #130861 was placed. Are you able to provide a wiring schematic for proper installation?
Thanks for your order. Your kit was made and shipped out today.

You will need to reverse the positions of the wire terminals in the motor's connector, otherwise the motor will spin backwards. It is easy to remove and reinstall the terminals in the motor's connector, however it is not so easy to remove and reinstall the terminals in the controller's connector that goes to the motor, so that is one small modification that will need to be made to the motor's connector. There are locking tabs on the terminals which can be pushed in with a small screwdriver and then the terminals can be gently pulled out of the back of the connector. Then the locking tabs can be restored back to their original positions and the terminals reinserted back into the connector in the opposite positions. This should take less than a minute to do.


I made a wiring diagram for the kit which is shown below. I also attached a printable PDF file of the wiring diagram so you have something to print out.


Hi I have a quick question can you please help me I'm trying to upgrade my scooter that I just got is it a good thing if I upgraded to a 48v right now I'm using 36v that's scooter I'm using is razor ecosmart metro i'm trying to install a 48v battery is that a good idea I'm trying to pick up speed I don't want to ruin it
Modifying a Razor EcoSmart scooter battery pack from 36 Volts to 48 Volts will increase the acceleration and top speed of the scooter however the original 36 Volt controller and motor are not designed to run on 48 Volts so they might overheat and burn out at that Voltage depending on how hard the scooter is run.

The most reliable way to increase the power of the EcoSmart scooter is to install a more powerful motor and controller. The original motor is rated at 500 Watts so by installing a 750 Watt or 1000 Watt motor the power could be increased by 50% or 100%. 750 Watt and 1000 Watt motor typically run at a higher RPM than 500 Watt motors do so the top speed should also be increased with that modification however with a more powerful motor the top speed could then be increased even more by installing a smaller wheel sprocket or larger motor sprocket.

Here is a link to a topic where a 48 Volt 1000 Watt motor and controller were installed on a Razor EcoSmart scooter:

Please note that only the original Ecosmart motor and controller are bolt-and-go and plug-and-play on the Ecosmart scooter and any other motor and/or controller would require custom installation and wiring to install.

I'd like a plug and play kit made up for my MX650 as well.  Can you do the following parts:

Charger: 1 quantity of item # CHR-S48V3AXLR

Controller: 1 quantity of item # SPD-481000C

Throttle: 1 quantity of item # THR-88

I'd also like to add a headlight: LIT-XML1

Will the 48v 750w motor (MOT-48750) bolt right in?  Why do some people leave the motor as a 36v motor?  Should I upgrade the motor as well?

Actually, I think I'm going to pass on the charger, , but I do want the controller, throttle, headlight and I would like advice about the motor whether I should use a 36v or 48v 750w motor.

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