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UBERSCOOT 1600w Issues

Ok so i purchased this scooter of a friend of mines and he told me he rode it in the rain than it started having issues where it would not run without a walking start and once it starts moving it would make a awkward sound till it got up to speed than it would sound normal after a few days i blew a 40w fuse and a couple of 30s, when the scooters factory is 35w fuses..i figured it was water damage in the motor so i replaced it with a brand new one and still the same issues just haven't blown any fuses yet and i have a 30w fuse in it currently. Im a little mechanic savyy so i checked for burns and melts as well as burn smells, faulty/loose wiring, loose parts and even rust.. nothing I'm kinda at rock in a hard place here any help or advice would be appreciated i included a video of the sound it makes in the link 

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Did you figure it out I seem to have very similar problem doesn't quite make the noise unless I put more weight down can't see anything rubbing killed three batteries... Not sure how it's related
Levi ..the issue is the controller on my part i had to completely replace the controller and throttle

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