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Need help assembling a kit for quad

Hi all! Posted this in the mods forum a while back and since have done more research and have some additional questions. Background: I am in the process of converting a Suzuki LT80 youth atv to electric. After running some of the ESP calc tools I am leaning towards a 1000W reversible motor with 36v battery pack. My assumptions: Rider is 150 pounds, weight of quad = 200 pounds, top speed = 15-20 mph, mostly flat terrain trail riding with a few hills at 10% grade or less. Would like ride time to be around 60-90 minutes. Would like to use existing thumb throttle so maybe only need the cable converter. @ESP Support can you check my calcs and build a custom kit? Thanks for the help!

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I checked our Motor Power Calculator and a 15-20 MPH top speed would be a good speed range for the 1000 Watt motor. A 10% grade can be pretty challenging for most size motors so in order to have good uphill power then gearing it closer to 15 MPH would be best.

For mostly flat riding with some hills our Battery Pack Ride Time Calculator is estimating 60 minutes with a 36V 28Ah battery pack, and 90 minutes with a 36V 40Ah battery pack.

We have cable pull throttles available on our Standard Throttles Page.

We recently added a Custom Project Drivetrain Parts Selection Guide to our Modification and Custom Project Help Page which has a couple of calculators on it with directions on how to determine which drivetrain parts to use for any custom vehicle electric motor conversion project.

We have dozens of electric motor conversion kits to choose from that can be used as a starting point which can be found on this page:

We can build a custom kit for you. Simply create a Support Ticket requesting a custom kit and provide as much information as you can such as which parts you want to use, how the vehicle will be used, what the tire diameter is of the tire(s) that the motor will power, along with any other information about the project that will help us to put together the custom kit.

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