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Problem with New Controler in a BladeZ XTR Electric Scooter

So might question its this, I have installed a new controller kit in a bladez xtr. The kit is pretty straight forward and I bought to brand new batteries when I try to drive the scooter it driver about 15 ft and turns off.I have to thin wires red and black coming out of the motor that do not have a place on the new board, I think they are brake power kill wires but not sure. I can't figure out why the scooter won't work

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The thin wires exiting the Bladez XTR motor are for its motor temperature sensor and can be left disconnected when installing a new controller. 

When a scooter drives a short distance and then shuts down the most common reason is a faulty battery pack. The battery pack Voltage can be checked under load to verify if it is causing the problem. Here is a link to our battery pack load testing guide:

Some Bladez XTR scooters have automatic resetting circuit breakers which could also be causing the problem. If this is the problem then replacing the circuit breaker should solve it. We carry self-resetting circuit breakers and other parts for the Bladez XTR electric scooter on this page:

Another possibility is that the motor has burned out coil windings which is causing it to demand too much current from the controller and consequentially causing the circuit breaker to trip. This is the least likely scenario. If the motor smells like burned electronics though then it is more likely to be the problem though.

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