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I want to convert a Monster Moto 212cc Mini Bike to a 36 volt Electric .

I have converted a Schwinn Mederian Trike witch you make up a kit for me and has been working great for 2 years . I want to convert this Monster Moto bike for our hunt camp and we have a few small hills to climb. What do you think a 36 volt or 48 volt would be best ? The bike comes with a # 40 rear chain sprocket with 53 teeth and a # 40 chain sprocket with 10 teeth .  Would like to get speeds around 15 to 20 mph . Would like you to put together a kit with charger .  Looking forward to hearing for you , thanks for your help .   Richard    PS. Sending picture of Trike .

(3.48 MB)
We will start working on the gear ratio calculations for a 15-20 MPH top speed and then see which motor would be best for it.

We need to know the tire diameter to run the calculations. What is the diameter of the tires?
The tire size is 19 x 7-8.
The tire size is 19 x 7-8.
I sent you the tire size , but have not heard from you. Please let me hear from you as soon as possible. Thanks for all of your help.
If you go to the home page, and click on The Repair Help tab, it will bring you to all these tools that can help narrow down which set up would best for you. There is a speed calculator, and power calculator, basically everything you need to figure out your set up. It sounds like you have all the info you need to plug in these formulas. Thy should help out a lot.
Hi Richard. We have not forgotten about you. We will put together a compatible parts list as soon as possible and then reply again. Thank you.
We ran a top speed gear ratio calculation using the smallest motor and largest wheel sprockets for 8mm chain that we carry and got a 22.99 MPH top speed.


 Our 36 Volt 750 Watt MOT-36750 or MOT36750B or 36 Volt 1000 Watt MOT-361000 or MOT-361000B motor would have no problem powering the minibike to 23 MPH. If the minibike will be used offroad or to go up hills then the 1000 Watt motor would be the best choice. If the minibike will be used to go through mud, sand, or snow or to go up steeper hills then a lower gear ratio that provides a lower top speed is recommended.

The chances of the 74 tooth sprocket item # SPR-874 having the same mounting bolt pattern as the original sprocket are not very high, however, we have successfully mounted the SPR-874 sprocket on a minibike before by placing the minibike's original sprocket over the new sprocket, marking the hole positions, and drilling new mounting holes in the same place as on the original sprocket. Here are the dimensions of the 74 tooth sprocket.


If the minibike will be used in mud, sand, snow, or to go up steep hills then a larger wheel sprocket could be custom made by Rebel Gears.

We need to ask a few questions to determine which parts to include with the kit.

What are your thoughts on the 74 tooth wheel sprocket?

What size motor would you like with the kit?

What size batteries do you have in mind for the kit?

Which throttle would you like with the kit?

For the power switch do you want a panel mounted key or toggle switch, or a throttle with built-in key switch?

We understand that you may have questions to ask us before knowing which parts to include with the kit so please let us know if you have any questions.
Thanks very much.

The 74 tooth wheel sprocket sounds fine .  The biggest motor the better .  For the batteries , I was thinking about the UB12350 at 35 amp with bolt down post to get the most run time I could get ? I would like the full length twist handle throttle with 36 volt power meter and key switch . I would also like a CNX-XLRO5W,  3 pin black nylon XLR Charger Port with cover and 12" wires , I all ready have a CHR-S36V4.5AXLR charger for my other bike.

I sent a reply to your questions you asked about the sprockets , the motor , the throttle , and charger port , but have not heard back from you .  Thanks for your support .

Hi Richard, sorry for the late reply. Your post from last month got buried under so many other posts that I could no longer see it. I will start working on this now.

Here is a preliminary parts list to show you and to help me make the kit.

1 - MOT-361000 motor 

1 - SPD-361000B controller

1 - THR-110K throttle

1 - CNX-XLR05W charger port

3 - BAT-12V35Ah batteries

1 - HNS-137 battery wiring harness

1 - SPR-874 sprocket

We sold out of the MOT-361000B 36 Volt 1000 Watt motor with mounting base in November 2017, however, we do have the same motor without mounting base in stock. 

We reordered more of the 36V 1000 Watt motors with mounting base last year and expect them to arrive in late March of this year.

What are your thoughts on the motor? Is a motor without mounting base okay or do you need one with a mounting base?

I am going to need a motor with the mounting base , so I will have to wait until you get some in . I have another question for you, the SPR-874 sprocket , does it work with the #40 chain that I have on my bike ?

The SPR-874 sprocket will not work with #40 chain and is only compatible with 8mm (T8F) chain. We carry 8mm chain that is compatible with the sprocket on the 36 Volt 1000 Watt motor and with the SPR-874 sprocket.

Do they make a #40 sprocket with 75 or 73 teeth that I can put on my bike ?

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