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I want to convert a Monster Moto 212cc Mini Bike to a 36 volt Electric .

I have converted a Schwinn Mederian Trike witch you make up a kit for me and has been working great for 2 years . I want to convert this Monster Moto bike for our hunt camp and we have a few small hills to climb. What do you think a 36 volt or 48 volt would be best ? The bike comes with a # 40 rear chain sprocket with 53 teeth and a # 40 chain sprocket with 10 teeth .  Would like to get speeds around 15 to 20 mph . Would like you to put together a kit with charger .  Looking forward to hearing for you , thanks for your help .   Richard    PS. Sending picture of Trike .

(3.48 MB)

We could custom make a 75 or 73 tooth sprocket for #40 chain that would work on your bike.

Here is a link to our custom-made sprocket order form page:

Thanks for the information regarding the custom made sprockets , I would like your advice on the setup for the Mini Bike . Would you run a top speed and gear ratio calculator on the bike using 1000w motor and the geared motor that I have on my other bike which is MY 1020Z-600W36V at 480 rpms. this setup works great on my Scwinn trike it has 10 teeth on the motor , 23 teeth on the axle with 26 inch wheels . It has good torque and speed around 15 mph.

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