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razor ecosmart battery upgrade question

ok so im gonna be upgrading my ecosmart scooter battery once the new in box scooter arrives in the mail just bought the scooter today

im wondering without having to upgrade any of the existing parts whats the highest amp hour SLA battery i can put in this baby id assume id need 3 of the same capacity since the scooter comes with 3 7ah batteries i wanna keep it all stock and just upgrade to 3 high capacity SLA batteries

keep in mind the scooter is all stock nothing upgraded i just wannas increase the range by increasing battery capacity

The three original 7Ah batteries can be replaced with three 12Ah or 15Ah batteries. We carry plug-and-play 12Ah and 15Ah battery packs for the EcoSmart scooter which have soldered on wiring harnesses just like the original battery pack has for the ultimate in safety and reliability. These 12Ah and 15Ah battery packs will fit in the battery box under the footplate without any modifications so they are truly plug-and-play. 

These plug-and-play 12Ah and 15Ah battery packs are our item numbers ESM-BATTERYPACK-XR12 and ESM-BATTERYPACK-XR15 which are available on our Razor EcoSmart parts page

if i was willing to pay a bit more would you be willing and or able to custom make higher capacity batteries that have more than 15Ah without needing and scooter mods save maybe more space in the battery compartment?

The 15Ah battery pack is the highest capacity that will fit in the battery box without modifications. The next size up are the 18Ah/22Ah size batteries which are considerably larger at 7-1/8" long x 3" wide x 6-5/8" high. The space in the EcoSmart battery box that is reserved for the batteries is approximately 6" wide x 12" long x 4" high so I can not see three 18Ah or 22ah batteries fitting in it without modifications. 

would adding a 4th 15Ah battery give me any substantial gain in range besides the standard 3 that you sell

i.e. you sell 3 15Ah batteries if i added a 4th and wired it correctly and modded the scooter to fit the 4th would i see any noticeable gains outside of just 3 15Ah batteries 

Adding a fourth battery would overvolt the system to 48 Volts which would cause the motor to consume more power from the battery pack so the range would most likely decrease with the addition of a fourth battery. 

thanks one final question what upgrades or mods do you recommend i make to this scooter to increase range and other things?

We consider upgrades to be plug-and-play and/or bolt-and-go and not to require any modifications - and we consider modifications to require modifying the scooter in one way or another to be able to install them. 

Installing the ESM-BATTERYPACK-XR15 battery pack is the highest level of upgrade that we have. It upgrades the scooter from having a 36V 7Ah battery pack to having a 36V 15Ah battery pack for a 100% in range.

Regarding modifying the EcoSmart scooter, that is only limited to the skills and tools of the person performing the modification. Some people install a 36V 15Ah battery pack under the deck and add a second 36V 15Ah battery pack on the rear rack for a 200% increase in range, others install 36V 1000W motors for increased speed and power, while others have installed 36V 1000W motors and overvolted them to 48V for fast acceleration and top speed. I do not know of anyone who has installed a 48V 1600W or 60V 2000W brushless motor on an EcoSmart scooter yet however that is bound to happen soon and would result in a major increase in top speed and power.

Hi Everyone, 

I am new to this forum.

I have replaced my 7AH batteries with 3 x 12ah batteries, but range has gone downhill since, i thought maybe its because i didn't solder the connection, but i have since bought another bike for my other son (they use it to go to school) and the range is going south again.

Does anyone have any idea what i should look for? should i consider replacing the controller?

joel are you charging the batteries every time you use the bike/scooter also are you charging them for a full 12 hours

a deep cycle is when you charge the batteries to 100% then use the scooter till the battery drops below 20% then recharge back to 100%

several deep charges could be the cause of this also consider buying batteries from here as they come with the wire harness soldered on when you buy them also you should have gone with 15ah batteries

lastly this thread may help you

Kaitlin, By now, since the batteries won't last that long it is in a deep cycle, but the problem started way before when the battery wasn't being drained to %20. Also, as soon as i installed the 15AH batteries the range dropped bery much. In theory since these batteries should last longer deep cycle shouldn't happen. Also on my other bike, i replaced the 7 ah with 9 ah batteries and range was exactly the same as with the old batteries from the 1st second Thanks for your help.

joel this is a scooter not a bike in any case try a new controller to see if thats the issue maybe the controller isnt charging the batteries properly

Hi Joel, the charger port wires connect straight to the battery pack wires inside of the controller so the controller does not have any effect over the charging of the battery pack. It is possible that one or more of the 15Ah batteries may be faulty. I would place a load on the battery pack and then read the Voltages of the individual batteries to see if one of them drop significantly more Voltage than the others. That would be a good starting place to diagnose the problem. 

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