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Go-Bowen ATV 36V 500W only rides in reverse.

 I am having a problem with the ATV going forward, it only rides in reverse when

the throttle is pulled back.  On the handle bars is a button switching it from

forward to reverse when the button is depressed I hear a set of contacts click

then I  pull the throttle back and it does not move. I depress the button again for reverse and it runs in reverse.  Three areas I believe could be wrong 1) Loose or broken wire. 2) The controller may be bad. 3) It has a speed controller I  don't know whether the speed controller would take forward out, since I don't have a wiring diagram.  I have extra parts I just wanted to get some feedback before I start tearing things apart. I tore another one apart that was completely dead this weekend only to

find the safety foot pedal loop had a broken wire.


It sounds like the forward-reverse switch is working since you hear a set of contacts click when you activate it. The clicking would have to be from a relay either inside the controller or outside of the controller. Since the ATV is operating in reverse the controller, or at least the main part of the controller minus the relay if it has an internal relay, is working.

I would check the ATVs wiring harness to see if it has an external relay in it somewhere, and if it has an external relay I would try to find a replacement relay for it. If you can not find an external relay (or relays) anywhere in the ATV then the relay would have to be built into the controller. You could listening to where the clicking sound is coming from to help pinpoint where the relays is.

If the relays is inside of the controller and if you are handy with PC board repair then it could be replaced if you can find a replacement relay, or maybe a new controller could be found to fix the problem. Another idea I have is to tap on the relay, or on the controller if the relay is inside the controller, with something like the wood handle of a hammer. This tapping might free the relay mechanism to start working again if it is jammed. However if the relay contacts are burned out then this will not help and the relay would need to be replaced.

I don't know if the forward/reverse function works on the Go Bowen ATV when it is in motion, but if it does and the forward/reverse switch was activated when the scooter was in motion that would explain why the relay stopped functioning. I always treat forward/reverse switches on electric vehicles the same way I treat transmissions in cars and trucks, I never switch them into reverse when the vehicle is moving forward, and never switch them into forward when the vehicle is moving backwards.

Good luck on your troubleshooting and hope you get it working again soon!


Thank you! for the reply! I received two of these ATV's which were in pretty bad shape so they sent me two more as replacements and told me to keep the originals. I stripped down the originals and have all the parts controller, switch, etc... I wanted to get some feedback before I just start swapping parts which I have no problem doing. But I don't like to be known as a parts swapper! I truly like to understand the problem diagnose and repair. I was just looking for some feedback which I gladly appreciate! Both were down at the same time with a 5 and 3 year old nipping at my ankles to get these things up and running! Boys and there toys! The one I tore apart and fount a broken safety circuit going to the foot pedal. I ended up splicing the wires together separate from the connector and it works fine.


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