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Brake relay button.

So I have a 2012 terminator scooter(not the handicap one), and my rear brake light stays on so it won't go unless I tap down on top of the handle.tried tightening the screw only to realize it was a tiny white button below the brake handle that is the problem.somehow it got free.maybe rough street it's bare and I have to push it in manually while riding.any ideas?
That is a very common problem with electric scooters and bikes. If the brake lever switch fails and locks into the "on" position that tells the speed controller that the brake is on and the controller turns off the motor. To fix the problem a new brake lever will need to be installed on the scooter.


...Let me guess (after reading a bit more) one set of wires hooks to a brake lever which shuts the motor off when brakes are applied, while another set of wires then shoots the juice to the tail light.

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