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How to replace battery on Terminator II E Scooter?

I have to replace the batteries on my terminator II scooter, and I am not sure how to go about doing this?  

The Terminator II E Scooter has what we call a "dolphin" style body. The instruction below for accessing the battery pack will work with any dolphin style body electric scooter including the following brands: Aim-Ex, Alpha, Bullet, Cobra, CF Toys, CT Scooters, Dolphin, Eagle, Ecruz, Electric Ride, E-Guruma, Esport, ESV 300, Firehawk, Fun-N-Go, Fun Scooter, Greenline, GS-Moon, Hitong, Hurricane Electric, Just Start, Impala II, Impala III, Jambuster, Leoch, Lightning, Master, Mitsuca, New Star, Premier Scooter, Rak-A-Tak, Raven, Red Dragon, Ricardo Sports, Salorr, Scorpion, Spartan Sport, Speedway, Sunni, Speed  370E, Superride, TechNX, Tornado, Toyama Hurricane, Turbo 289WB, Viper, Whiz, Wolf, and Zina.

The method to replace the batteries on this type of scooter depends if there is a battery cover on the body in between the two footrests. If there is a battery cover between the two footrests a key lock

will be visible which the scooters key should unlock to open the battery cover. Once the battery cover is unlocked it can be removed and the batteries can be taken out and replaced.

However many dolphin style electric scooters do not have battery covers built into the body so the plastic body will need to be removed to gain access to the batteries in order to replace them. To remove the body from the frame locate the screws which attach it and remove them. These screws may be located under the rubber footrest covers, so removing them to gain access to the screws may be necessary. The seat tube (the tube under the seat post) needs to be removed and the taillight and turn signal wires disconnected before the body is lifted off the frame. The handlebars can usually be left attached to the scooter and the body can be lifted up the handlebar riser and swung to the side to access the batteries. Removing the seat is much easier than removing the handlebars because there are no wires going to it.

Reassembly of the scooter is the opposite procedure of taking it apart. I recommend taking several pictures of the scooter from many different angles before it is disassembled to help with putting it back together after the batteries have been replaced.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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