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Where is the fuse holder?

I bought my electric bike 2004. I went to the battery case to check my fuse but found

only a hole in the case and no fuse holder.  Where would I access the fuse holder 

if not on battery case?

Not all electric bikes have external fuse holders. Some electric bikes have fuse holder located inside the battery case which require the battery case to be opened to replace the fuse, while other electric bikes do not have fuse holders inside or outside the battery case at all, and they are located in the bikes wiring harness outside of the battery case.

However in your situation of having a hole in your battery case, I am leaning towards the fuse holder's mounting nut vibrating loose and the fuse holder falling into the battery case. If this is what happened I recommend not using the bike until you have taken apart the battery case to investigate, as a loose fuse holder may have live contacts on its back side which could touch other live contacts and create a short circuit.

If you have a photo of the battery case to upload to the forum that would certainly help us to figure out what the problem is.

Thanks for the reply. I had already taken the case apart before I saw the manual showing the fuse location.

Didn't find any loose parts.  I've taken the cover off the dash area looking for a line fuse with no luck.  Next step is to continue taking it apart until I find it. I'll also get a picture.

trying to work with my chromebox to load the picture. no good .

but the case is the same as the one shown in the manual

some don't have an fuse holder i have a pocket rocket pr200 and it only has a circuit breaker.

Thanks for that.  Any clue where I might find the breaker?

on my pocket rocket mini it is nest to the on and off switch if it pops you just push it in

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