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Rad2Go Q-Electric Battery Replacement

I have a Rad2Go Q-Electric Transporter and can't figure out how to access batteries to replace them. Can anyone tell me how?

We have not had a Rad2Go Q-Electric in the shop before so I do not know exactly how to get to the batteries but I do have a couple of ideas.

Most electric scooter batteries are located under the footplate which is usually removable by unthreading the screws that hold it to the scooters frame. Sometimes these screws can be hidden under a sheet of textured rubber which provides grip for the riders shoes that is attached to the footplate with adhesive.

Another possibility is that the batteries are accessible by removing a cover on the side or bottom of the scooter. If you there is any way that you could attach a couple of photographs of the top and bottom of the scooter that may help us to determine how to get to the batteries.
the rad2go Q personal transport batteries are in a bag and can be accessed from below. They are held in place by a crossbar.

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