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Need help identifying electric scooter.

I bought this freedom scooter at a local on-line auction and I nee help identifying it to acquire the parts I need for it. I looked everywhere for a model or serial number with no luck. It does not have a key nor battery(s). I found a bunch of loose wires under the frame and have no idea what they go to.  If it can be identified, is there an electrical wiring schematic available and a parts list breakdown. 

Thank anyone for assistance.

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Those three wire key switches are very hard to find. We will be getting a new batch of the three wire key switches very soon, probably within a week. I will let you know as soon as we get them back in stock.

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Since you can't find them, fortunately the model and serial number will not do any good when trying to locate parts for that scooter. There are no wiring schematics or parts list breakdowns available for Freedom scooters. It can be fixed though by wiring the scooter from scratch with a new speed controller and following its wiring directions.

The fastest way to get it going would be to get the motor running and not worry about getting the lights working at first. You could always go back and rewire the lights so they work after getting the motor running. It would be easiest to drill a hole in the body of the scooter for a toggle or key switch, rather than try to get the key switch working in its original position under the handlebars.

To figure out how many batteries it needs for the battery pack and what Voltage and Wattage the controller should be I would check to see if there is a sticker on the motor that indicates its Volts and Watts. If the motors Volts and Watts are known any brushed motor speed controller with the same Voltage and Wattage rating could be used for the scooter. Depending upon the motor and speed controller Voltage, the number of batteries for the battery pack could be decided. If it is a 24 Volt scooter then it will use 2 batteries for the battery pack, if it is a 36 Volt scooter then it will use 3 batteries for the battery pack.

If the motor does not have a sticker on it or the motors sticker does not have the Volts and Watts printed on it then the Voltage of the scooter may be found on the battery charger identification sticker. The battery charger will not indicate the Watts of the motor however most Freedom scooters are between 250 and 500 Watts so a 500 Watt speed controller would be a good choice becuase it will run motor rated between 250 and 500 Watts.

I recommend not using the scooters original wiring harness and starting from scratch on the wiring. For wire I would use 12 gauge wire for the battery pack to speed controller wires, and for the speed controller to motor wires if you need to extend them. The original wires may be 14 gauge but it is good to upgrade to 12 gauge wire since it will only cost a few pennies more and will make the scooter more reliable.

Here is a basic wiring drawing for an electric scooter which indicates how to hook up all of the components:

The speed controllers wiring directions will precisely indicate which wires to connect to which parts. Wiring an electric scooter is as simple as it looks in the drawing. Its just a matter of wiring a few parts and components together to the speed controller. If you have any questions or need any suggestions for which parts to choose after you investigate the Voltage and Wattage of the motor please let me know.
Thank you for your assistance.  I will check the motor to see if it has a sticker.  I did not get a charger with the scooter.    Do the battery(s) have a special connector?   


Most batteries have 1/4" (6.3mm) wide push on connectors, some have internal threads that small bolts thread into, and some have posts with holes in them that small nuts and bolts go through to mount the wiring harness wires onto. None of the connectors that attach to batteries are special, they can all be found at local auto parts and hardware stores. The connector on the battery pack wiring harness that attaches to the speed controller is usually a special connector though which is only available from a store that sells electric scooter and bike part.


The motor on the scooter shows model MY1018 chain drive.  It is  a 24V 250W and show current output 14A.  What Speed Controller, batteries and wiring harness should I purchase?  Also which battery charger should I get? 


 Here are the parts I recommend for your scooter:

 Speed Controller: Item # SPD-24250 Add to Cart

Batteries: Item # BAT-12V12AHX2 Add to Cart - or Item # BAT-12V15AHX2 Add to Cart

 Battery Harness: Item # HNS-100 Add to Cart

Battery Charger: Item # CHR-24V1.6A3P Add to Cart

The 15Ah batteries will provide around 20% more range or ride time than the 12Ah batteries. They are both the exact same size though. The 15Ah batteries weigh around 20% more than the 12Ah batteries do.

Thank You for your assistance.  I will let you know how it works after Iget the parts and install them.


Is there a local store too take scooter to, too find out what's wrong with it
I can check our list of electric scooter and bike repair facilities and see if one is available in your area. What is your zip code?







That is an E-Scooter dolphin body type of electric scooter. These type of scooters are very common and were sold under hundreds of different brand names. It looks like your E-Scooter has 8x2 or 8.5x2 tires while most other E-Scooters have 12-1/2x2-1/4 tires.

If it is a 24 Volt scooter with two batteries then our best parts resource page for it is at this link:

If it is a 36 Volt scooter with three batteries then part scan be found for it on this page:

Please be aware the the tire, tube, wheel, and battery size plus the controller on your scooter may be different than of the parts sold on the pages above so order those parts with care.

thank you for your reply the tire is 200 x 50 and one of my problems is the key switch it needs a new one &

it is 3 wire switch

and i can not find one on the net and you are out of stock

Those three wire key switches are very hard to find. We will be getting a new batch of the three wire key switches very soon, probably within a week. I will let you know as soon as we get them back in stock.

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