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Folding a Freedom 644 electric scooter.

I know it sounds like a silly question, but this scooter supposedly folds down so it can be easily transported. Does anyone have experience or know how to fold a Freedom 644 Electric Scooter? I'm trying to figure out if I can send it as checked baggage on a flight across the country with my daughter for college. Any kind advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I looked at the picture you attached and the handlebars do not have a folding mechanism, so they can not technically fold. However I see that the handlebar stem can be disconnected from the forks to make the scooter have a lower profile for transport. I see a quick release lever at the bottom of the handlebar stem which after loosening would allow the handlebar and stem to be pulled out of the front forks. The handlebar would then need to be tied or taped onto the scooter for transport because it is tethered to the scooter with electrical wires and a brake cable. I see that the seat post also has a quick release lever for doing the same thing. The trunk can be removed by taking off the nuts and bolts that hold it to the seat post.

I have heard that the airlines will not allow the type of batteries that are in electric scooters on their flights. So you may want to check with the airline ahead of time to see if lead-acid batteries which are installed in a scooter are allowed. If they do not allow them then you may want to look into having the scooter shipped with FedEx or UPS to its destination.


Thank you so much!!

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