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Electric bike replacement throttle help?

Hi I converted a mountain bike with a kit a few years ago and the thumb throttle seems to be not working.

I would like to replace it and am wondering if all of the attached wires are necessary. Currently there are red, blue, black, and green wires coming out of the throttle and i am wondering whether I have to find a replacement with exactly those color wires. Or would a three wire throttle work? 


A three wire throttle will replace a four wire throttle, however it will not have battery indicator lights like a four wire throttle has. It will operate the speed of the motor exactly the same as a four wire throttle will though.

Determining the proper wiring between the controller and new throttle is the most important thing when installing a different throttle. If the wires between the controller and throttle are incorrectly connected for even a fraction of a second when the power is on the throttle will burn out without showing any signs of having done so other than it not working.

I see that your existing throttle has red, black, green, and blue wires. Throttle with those four wires are the most difficult to decipher because the throttle speed control signal output wire and battery meter input wire could be either the green wire or the blue wire. The red wire is definitely the 5 Volt input, and the black wire is definitely the ground.

We can help you wire a new three wire or four wire throttle to the bike. The best way to determine how to wire a new throttle would be to see what the wire colors are coming out of the controller that the throttle plugs into. Do you know what those wire colors are?

Hi thanks so much for your reply. The wires coming out of the controller and plugging into the throttle cable are the red, black, and green wires

That make it very easy. Those three wire colors will match up perfectly with any standard three wire throttle. Simply connect the red wire to red wire, black wire to black wire, and then connect the remaining third wires together.


That's great thanks a lot!

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