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Electric Motor Substitution


The 350 watt  36 volt motor on my scooter has to be replaced. The motor (p/n MOT363500X2500) is apparently out of stock.   Would it be possible to replace it with the 500 Watt motor (p/n MOT36500X2500) which has the same frame dimensions and chain sprocket?

Would this cause any problems with the controller or other parts/?


Replacing the motor with a slightly more powerful motor should not present any problems. The 500 Watt motor is only rated at 150 Watts more then the original 350 Watt motor which is not a very big difference. If the scooter has a 350 Watt controller then you will probably not notice and increase in power when switching from a 350 Watt motor to a 500 Watt motor because the controller is limiting the current that that the motor receives. Installing a 500 Watt motor would give you the option in the future of upgrading to a 500 Watt controller to gain more power from the motor.


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