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Polaris Electric Scooter Throttle Replacement

I am the disappointed owner of a Pure Polaris Electric Scooter with a damaged throttle control. The control is an 8-wire mechanism, with a power switch, battery gauge, and throttle control in one mechanism. Any clue what I can use to replace this? I bought a 4-wire throttle some time back, but I'm afraid to simply match up the colors on the 4-wire throttle to the same colors on the 8-wire system in hopes that there is some commonality in the industry.

I tested the theory that the red, black, and green wires might be the throttle control wires, but that didn't seem to create any sort of circuit with the Polaris controller. The old controller works, the thumb lever got broken off (and lost) when my grandson was doing wheelies on the thing.

This is the color collection of the 8 wires on the throttle, voltage monitor, and power switch.


We have a direct plug and play replacement throttle available for the Polaris electric scooter. It is our item # THR-820 and is available on this page:

Our throttle has the same 8-wire black connector as the original Polaris throttle does so all you have to do is unplug the old throttle and plug in the new one. Our Polaris scooter throttle has a red push button switch instead of a red rocker switch however that is the only difference between the original throttle and the new one.


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