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Ebike battery and charger port help.

Could someone please help me? We have an ebike that I have not been able to find another like it anywhere on the planet! The bike came with very little information. The problem with the bike is that it will not hold a charge, due to the connector on the battery that plugs into the bike, in the compartment under feet is broken. I could get another battery, but I am unable to locate a battery such as this one. Can anyone give me direction? Thank you, Karen

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I looked at the photos you attached and that is a pack of four 12 Volt 18Ah batteries. We sell them in an 18Ah version and also in a 22Ah version which provides around 20% more mileage range or ride time than the 18Ah version. These batteries are 7-1/8" long x 3" wide x 6-5/8" high.

The wires that connect the four batteries together are called the wiring harness. The wiring harness is attached to the batteries with nuts and bolts which can be disassembled to remove the harness and get the old batteries out. The new batteries should be installed in the exact same positions as the old batteries and the wiring harness attached to the new batteries exactly the same way that it was attached to the old batteries. I always recommend taking a picture of the old batteries and wiring harness before installing the new batteries so you know how it goes back together, which you have already done and posted right here on this forum.

I can see in the photo of the batteries that they are swollen. Battery swelling usually happens during recharging when the battery electrolyte fluid level is low due to old age. The lack of fluid in the batteries causes them to overheat and swell. They may be wedged into the battery box from the swelling and need to be forced out to be removed.

We sell both 12V 18Ah and 12V 22Ah batteries at these links:

          12 Volt 18Ah Battery

Wow! Thank you for all of the. Information. I was really discouraged. However, I do have another question. I've added a pic of where it's broken, the connector for the bike connecting to battery. Is this a part that can also be fixed?
(1.71 MB)
We do not have a battery case to replace the broken case that the batteries are in. However we do have the electrical connector that I see is broken on order and I expect to have them in stock in a couple of weeks.
Do you have the electrical connector in stock? How much is it please? Thank you, Karen

Yes we just got them in stock today. They are $4.95. Here is a link to buy them at:



This connector requires soldering to install.

We can solder wires onto the connector for an extra $5.00 service fee. Just let me know how long the wires need to be, and what gauge they need to be, and I can make a listing for the connector with wires soldered onto it.

Item # CNX-620, 2V1H (2 vertical 1 horizontal) connector.

I want to tell you thank you so very much for your help! I would love to get one of these and have it soldered. How do I determine length and gauge please? Thanks! Karen
You are welcome Karen. Thank you for participating in our forum!

Here is a drawing showing how to determine the wire length and gauge.

The red and black wires may be different lengths.

If you can not find the wire gauge printed on the wire then we could use 12 gauge wire which is a heavy enough for all 48 Volt electric bikes that are 1000 Watts or less.

We can also install the connectors on the opposite end of the wires from the 2V1H connector so you do not have to cut and splice the wires together. This is what I recommend. If you could take a picture of the entire wire harness, and also a picture of the connectors on the opposite end of the wires from the 2V1H connector then I can determine what they are and make a plug-and-play replacement harness for your electric bike.

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