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switch hookup

I have a 36 volt atv that has never worked from day one.  After many attempts at resolution, I have given up on getting the maker to fix the problem.  Can I convert part #THR-1000-2 (a foot pedal switch) into a simple on/off switch?.  Just something to bypass the converter box  and stuff. I need something a little better than a toggle switch.  Thanks.


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I do not know of a way to convert our foot pedal throttle into an on/off switch. They have hall effect sensors in them which are microchips and not switches. A foot switch, like the kind used to turn tools on and off, would be better suited for a foot controlled on/off switch.

However I do not recommend using an on/off switch as a throttle for an electric ATV. Electric motors have a large amount of torque. If the motor is switched from off to full power on, the torque may be enough to damage drivetrain components such as the motor shaft, sprockets, chain, axle, and hubs. Electric ATVs are engineered for relatively soft starts using a speed controller and variable speed throttle. The ATV also would not be as easy, safe, or fun to ride with only one speed.

I recommend installing an aftermarket speed controller and throttle on the ATV. These two parts can be purchased for around $50 and installed in a relatively short amount of time. If you are having trouble getting the maker to fix the controller or throttle problem imagine trying to purchase drivetrain components from them if they fail from being over torqued.

Here is a drawing showing how to connect a speed controller and throttle to the other components of the electrical system.

I would be glad to recommend a specific speed controller and throttle for the 36 Volt ATV if you would like. Please let me know how many Watts the ATV's motor is and what type of throttle you want to use if you would like a recommendation.

I would appreciate your recommendations.  The atv has a 36V 500 Watt motor.  I would prefer a twist type handlebar throttle.  Thanks.


Hi i also need a speed controller i have two batteries 12v to make 24v and two motors 250w wich i like to use i also like to know if it is better to use them parallel or serial thanks in advance . Thomas

Little said let you know if I wanted you to recommend a throttle and speed controller.  I do (did).....can you recommend something please?  Thanks.


Really sorry for the delay in responding to your posting, we have been very busy around here recently.

The motors should be hooked up in parallel if running off of one controller.. Running 36 Volt motors on 24 Volts will work but they will be very slow.

For a forward only controller our SPD-24500B is a good choice and for a controller with both forward and reverse our SPD-24500R. Both of these controllers are located on this page:

 Any standard twist throttle will work with these controllers. They are available on this page:

Please let me know if you have any further question. I will try to respond faster next time.

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