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Bike runs but no lights or horn

Mithwarth wrote: My bike still runs properly, but I have no accessories (no lights whatsoever, no horn) guages are fine, bike runs fine, alarm functions. I replaced my mini-circut breaker auxiliary switch which yeilded the exact same results... Any help or suggestions would be great.. Thanks
This could be caused by a loose or bad wire connector, or a broken wire somewhere in the wiring harness. I would inspect the entire wiring harness and check for loose or burned looking wire connectors. Pull and tug on the connectors to make sure they are properly attached to each other and look for any burned or discolored connectors. Disconnect and reconnect each connector to make sure that they are making good contact. When the connectors are apart look for oxidation on the terminals and treat with contact cleaner if they look corroded, its not a bad idea to treat the connector terminals with contact cleaner even if they do not look corroded. Inspect the wires for any signs of being crimped. If you hold the wires in hand and flex them you may be able to feel if one of them is broken underneath the insulation.

It sounds like it could be a loose or bad connector or broken wires to me. If it were a switch then you would probably only have one thing that did not work, the chances of more than one switch going bad at the same time is very low. Electrical gremlins are the most difficult thing to diagnose on all vehicles. It can a lot of take time and persistence to find the problem sometimes.


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