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Razor Scooter 325 will not move with any weight.

I have a Razor 325 Scooter that will not move with any 60 pounds from my 7 year old. I tried to fix it a couple of years ago after getting new batteries. The repair shop replaced the Motor, Throttle and Control Box. The unit only worked for about 6 months and then kept going through batteries and now it has brand new batteries (for the 5th time) but still will not operate with any weight. Have verified battery connections and output.  When you lift up the unit it runs and the rear wheel spins freely. Throttle shows proper voltage and charge.  Can you please advise on what part or parts I should buy from you to fix this issue.....Thanks!!!

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I will list the parts requested below. These parts can also be found on these pages:

The Razor E300 and E325 scooters are the same model. I have not noticed any difference between the two models other than their name.

Throttle for Razor® E300/E325 Version 8-19 $21.95 


Speed Controller for Razor® E300/E325 Version 8-10 & 12 $35.95

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks!!!  Just ordered the controller.  Will advise on the final solution...Controller or Throttle.

Appreciate the help and support.


You are welcome. Thank you for participating in our forum, and for placing your order with us.

I am looking forward to finding out if the controller solves the problem.

Just received the controller (nice packaging).  Went to install and the unit received does not have the two power wires that go to the on/off switch on the side of the unit.  Please advise....

The scooter must be a version 11 or 13-19 then. I will send you an adapter to make the new controller work with the scooter. Here is an illustration of the adapter.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

OK we are making more progress!!  I installed the controller and the scooter started working fine.  It would not fully go with my weight 175# but worked great for my 7 year old at 65#.  He rode for about 10 minutes and then we needed to recharge.

Recharged overnight and scooter is doing what it did previously.  My 7 year old can only ride for 3 minutes and the scooter does not go very fast.  The charger is green but the throttle shows the yellow indicator for low voltage when riding.  What do you recommend for next steps...retest the brand new batteries already tested or new throttle?  Thanks!

I do not think that the throttle is the problem. It sounds like the batteries may not be getting recharged to me. I would test the battery charger port for Voltage, and also test the battery charger for its output Voltage. The battery charger plug is easy to test because it has holes in it to to stick the multimeter probes into. However the charger port has prongs which are easy to short circuit with standard multimeter prongs. I recommend wrapping electric tape around the metal probes leaving only the end exposed before testing the charger port to avoid short circuiting its prongs.

If the battery charger port has Voltage present at two of its prongs then it is connected to the battery pack and working. The battery charger should have around 29 Volts output when plugged into the wall. After testing the battery charger and charger port, assuming they both test good, I would check and make sure that the battery charger plug is wired correctly and that its output Voltage is coming from the holes on the plug that correspond to the prongs on the charger port that have Voltage.

Also when the charger is plugged into the scooter and wall at the same time, the charger should have a red light until the batteries are charged, then it should turn green. When the charger is plugged into the wall and not the scooter it should have a green light. If the batteries are discharged and the charger does not have a red light when plugged into the wall and scooter that usually indicates a bad; charger, charger plug, or charger port.

It would not hurt to mention while we are at it that the charger should always be plugged into the scooter first and the wall second when charging the batteries. And unplugged from the wall first and the scooter second after the batteries have been charged. This will prevent damage to the charger plug and charger port from sparking, and also prolong the life of the battery charger.

Please let me know how the testing goes. If the battery charger and charger port both test good then I have further recommendations.

Testing complete...tested two chargers.  one was at 27.3 and the other was 28.  Tested the scooter charger port and got 1.6 form the two bottom holes.  I only get readings on the two bottom holes in both units(charger and scooter) when moving the tester on the two holes red/black and black/red.  the other tests do not yield readings.  The green light on both chargers does not turn to red when plugged in and connected to the scooter for battery charging.  Info and video above were very useful.  Please advise.....Thanks!

Since the battery charger light does not turn red when plugged into the scooter, and the charger port Voltage is only 1.6 Volts I am leaning towards the problem being a bad charger port.

The charger port is in essence wired directly to the battery pack, it goes through the controller but the controller connects the battery pack directly to the charger port. So the charger port should have the exact same Voltage as the battery pack. Since the batteries are new and tested good they should bounce back to above 24 Volts after sitting for a few minutes after being used. I can not imagine that the batteries would drop down to 1.6 Volts.

At this point I would test the battery pack Voltage to see what it is, and then test the charger port Voltage again and compare the two results. The charger port should have the exact same Voltage as the battery pack. If it does not have the same Voltage then that verifies that it needs to be replaced.

We sell a lot of Razor charger ports. They are a very common part to be replaced.

Tested the battery and charger port.  Different readings for both.  1.6 at charger port and 12.5 at battery.  Ordering the charger port as advised above and will relay the results.  THANKS!!

That sounds good. The charger port is in circuit directly to the battery pack (both batteries connected in series) so it should read between 24-29 Volts if everything is working. Usually the charger port would either have the full Voltage of the battery pack, or zero Volts. I can not understand why it would have 1.6 Volts but that is the way it goes with electronics sometimes. Please let me know how it goes after installing the new charger port.

Charger Port installed and still have issues.  The battery is not charging.  The light on both chargers stays green.  I left the on switch on after the last test so battery is dead and will not charge.


First of all I am sorry to hear about this problem, it can happen to the best of us though. Maintaining the batteries is the trickiest and most unforgiving part of owning an electric scooter.

Leaving the power switch on for more than a day or two can result in catastrophic failure of the battery pack. You could try recharging the individual 12 Volt batteries in the pack with a 12 Volt automotive trickle charger to bring their Voltage level back up to normal. This trick may or may not work depending on how much the batteries are depleted and how long ago the depletion occurred.

When recharging the individual batteries the trick is to get them both to the exact same Voltage before putting them together into a battery pack again. If batteries charged to different Voltages are put into a pack they will become unbalanced and one battery will recharge to a higher Voltage than the other battery leading to failure of the individual batteries in the pack from both over and under charging the respective batteries. If the batteries do not respond to individual recharging then they will need to be replaced.

There should be a light in the power switch which glows when the power is on. If the bulb inside of the switch is burned out the switch will not glow when on. If the switch light is burned out you may want to consider replacing the switch after getting the go kart running so it is not accidentally left on again.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I have the batteries back at Interstate.  They did a preliminary test last night and they appeared fine.  They are keeping them for a couple days and are running extensive testing to verify the status of the new batteries.  Will advise after the test.  Thanks!

Making progress but still not 100%. One battery failed and one was at 81%.Got two brand new Interstate Batteries. Scooter runs good and my son ran it for about 15 minutes. Put back on charger to test charging and the red light does not illuminate.Tested both chargers and the green light stays on.Please advise….Thanks.

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