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Razor Scooter 325 will not move with any weight.

I have a Razor 325 Scooter that will not move with any 60 pounds from my 7 year old. I tried to fix it a couple of years ago after getting new batteries. The repair shop replaced the Motor, Throttle and Control Box. The unit only worked for about 6 months and then kept going through batteries and now it has brand new batteries (for the 5th time) but still will not operate with any weight. Have verified battery connections and output.  When you lift up the unit it runs and the rear wheel spins freely. Throttle shows proper voltage and charge.  Can you please advise on what part or parts I should buy from you to fix this issue.....Thanks!!!

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Since both chargers are not going into charge mode and showing a red light, it sounds like the charger port is not getting power from the battery pack. I would test the Voltage at the charger port on the scooter, and at the battery charger plug. The charger port should be reading the full Voltage of the battery pack, which should be around 27-29 Volts. And the chargers should be reading a Voltage around 29 or more Volts.


I just replaced the charger port and still having the same issue.  Any other options?  Thx.

I researched and see the problem now. The adapter we made and sent to you is causing the charging problem. I will make you a different adapter that will make everything work. For now though you will need to charge the scooter with the power switch on. Charging the batteries with the power switch on will not cause any problems with the charger or scooter, and you should charge the batteries as soon as possible since they have been discharged. Just remember to turn the scooter off after the batteries have been charged. I will draw up plans for the new adapter tomorrow and have my technician make it and mail it to you. Sorry I did not get this right the first time.

Please let me know if your charger light turns red when the power switch is on. It should according to what I see following the scooters wiring diagram and the adapter we sent you. I will let you know after the new adapter has been mailed out.

Thanks for looking into this further and finding the possible solution.  The red light does not come on when stays green as it had been.  Appreciate the help.

Sorry for the delay, our technician was away from work for the holiday. We are making the new adapter and mailing it to you today. The new adapter will have a battery charger port connector on it. You will need to unplug the charger port connector from the controller and plug it into the new adapter to make the new adapter work.


Received the new part. What is the proper connection?  The small red and black wires with the small plug goes directly to the charging port?  If so it leaves the controller (current connection) not plugged in?  Also  does it make a difference what red wire goes on the top and bottom the on/off switch?  Thanks....

Yes, the new adapters small red and black wires with the small plug goes directly to the charging port plug, and the charger plug on the controller will not be connected to anything. The red wires that go to the power switch need to be connected to the right switch terminals or the power light in the switch will stay on all of the time. It will do no harm to hook the red wires to the wrong switch terminals other than the light staying on all the time. Go ahead and plug the red wires into the switch, and then if the switch light does not turn off when the switch is off, reverse the wires going to the switch to make the light turn on only when the switch is on.

Making more progress....the scooter charger blinks when connecting but stays green.  If I leave the scooter on/off power switch "on" the charger turns red.  Thx

It sounds like the batteries may be only slightly discharged or possibly overcharged so the charger is not kicking in to charge them. The blinking green light usually happens when the batteries are finishing their charge cycle. When the power switch is "on" that puts an extra load on the charger causing its light to turn red. I would have someone drive the scooter for 10-20 minutes to deeply discharge the batteries, and then try charging them and see if you get a solid red light then. Please let me know how that goes.

The light is solid green when pugged in and the power button is off.  The only blinking occurs when initially plugged in you can now see the charger light blink once before going solid.  It did not do anything before but turn green. 

The scooter will charge when the power button in on.  The light will turn red and then turn green when fully charged.  Anyway to have the scooter charge and not turn the power button on?  Thx

The new adapter I sent directly connects the charger port to the battery pack without going through the switch or controller. So it should not make any difference if the switch is on or off, the battery pack should charge either way now. I would like to confirm that the new adapter was made correctly though to verify. Could you take a couple pictures of the new adapter as it is installed so I can confirm that it was made right?

The new connector requested.  Please advise.

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It looks like the wiring harness has been modified. I can not see a positive red wire going to the battery pack connector.

Can you check to verify if the battery pack connector is missing its red positive wire.

For reference here is the way that factory wired the scooter.

I can not see where the red positive wire from the battery pack is going in the photos. It looks like the shop that worked on it before modified the wiring harness to install the controller they replaced. The red positive wire from the battery pack will need to be reconnected to the battery pack connector in order for everything to work with the harness we made.

Also, I notice that we made a mistake on the adapter and the charger port is connected to the wrong side of it. However this will not affect anything the way it is wired right now because of the missing wire in the battery pack connector. We will remake the adapter the right way and send it to you. Then when the red positive battery pack wire is reattached to the connector everything should work right.

If you need a new terminal for the positive battery pack wire to go into the connector please let me know and I will include one with the new adapter we are going to send you.

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The battery pack has all wires connected.  The first connection from the better goes to Battery +/- and to On/off connector  the middle connector has two wires from rear to charging and on/off switch.  The 3rd has three wires to controller.  see pics

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Now in these new pics I can see the battery pack positive going to the connector. The photos in the last post played a trick with my eyes so I could not see it. I notice that we wired the adapter wrong because the charger port is wired to the controller side and not the battery side. You should be able to charge the batteries using the adapter we sent you if the power switch is on. Could you please verify if the batteries will charge when the power switch is on?

In the mean time I will have our technician make a new adapter with the charger port input on the battery side and send it to you so we can get the scooter working properly.

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