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Quazar electric scooter parts.

Does anyone know where to get parts for a Quazar electric I have been told is out of business
I just visited and noticed that the website has not been updated in over two years. I do not know anyone who has body parts, wheels, or other parts specific to Quazar electric scooters, however we here at carry the most common replacement parts for them such as batteries, battery chargers, tires, tubes, etc. We do not have a page specifically dedicated to Quazar electric scooters yet, but if you create a support ticket or call us during our business hours at 1-800-908-8082 we can help you locate the most common parts for your Quazar electric scooter.

 here at lafaves automotive i have quazar electric scooter parts includeing a complete running model includeing body parts and motors w/controllers contact us at 1-503-840-7693from 8am to 10pm mon-fri  sat 10am to 4pm ask for Brent thank you

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