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Minimoto GoKart problem

My Minimoto GoKart only runs a few seconds then shuts off with a high squealing sound.  Battery has been replaced and is fully charged.  Would this problem be corrected by replacing the Speed Conttoller?

I have had a few customer who had the exact same problem which was fixed by installing a new speed controller. I can not diagnose the problem with absolute certainty through this forum but from your description of the problem chances are very high that it is the speed controller. The original MiniMoto Go Kart speed controllers are fairly complex and can automatically shut down if they sense a problem with themselves or another component on the go kart.

It would be a good idea to check all of the connectors going to the original controller to make sure they are clean and well attached before replacing the controller to make sure the problem is not from a bad connection.

It would also good to test the throttle and make sure it is functioning properly and not causing the problem. To test the throttle securely block the rear wheels off the floor, turn the go kart on, and test the Voltage between the black and white wire on the throttle. The Voltage should read between 1 and 4 Volts (+- 0.5V) depending on the position of the throttle.

Even though the batteries are new and fully charged, I would not eliminate the possibility of one of the batteries having a factory defect. I recommend testing the Voltage of the battery pack at the charge port with the go kart off, and then again with the go kart on and the throttle fully engaged. The battery pack Voltage should be somewhere between 40 and 45 Volts with the go kart off, and its Voltage should only drop around 1 Volt with the go kart on and the throttle fully engaged. If the battery pack Voltage significantly drops with the scooter on and running then one of the batteries is defective and needs to be replaced.

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