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Speed controller for Huffy Micro Crooz

I have a Huffy Micro Crooz electric scooter that needs a speed controller. It's a 24 volt. Has a 300 watt motor and the plug from the throttle is a 2 pin. Someone from your company that I spoke to recommended that I write to you in the forum with the hope that you can help me with the right speed controller. Thank you very much.
Since the scooter has a 2-wire throttle the controller is an on/off type without variable speed control. We do not have on/off type controllers available so a variable speed controller would need to be installed. To custom install a new variable speed controller, a controller and 3-wire throttle would be needed. Since your motor is 300 Watts I recommend using a 350 Watt speed controller.

The following parts would be good choices for the installation:

Item # SPD-YK31C24 24 Volt 350 Watt Controller $34.95 

Item # THR-35 Variable Speed Controller $19.95 

Wiring Directions for the SPD-YK31C24 controller.

Here is a drawing showing how to wire the speed controller to the other components on the scooter:

I hope this information helps guide you in the right direction to repair the scooter. Please let me know if you have any questions.

P.S. I have never seen a Huffy Micro Crooz electric scooter. Is there any way that you could take a picture of it and attach it to this forum post?
I have a similar situation with a BladeZ ION 150. The throttle is a 2 wire (momentary contact on/off) switch. I don't understand why you recommend putting in a variable throttle control when it appears, that if you connect the green wire to the red wire and then hook the red and black to the switch, like the standard 2 wire set up, it should work at a constant full power, which is how this particular scooter was designed. I saw the post " using controller at full power setting " and it appears that what I'm saying is correct. Can anyone confirm what I'm saying.
I recommend installing a variable speed throttle with a variable speed controller because variable speed controllers will immediately apply full power when the throttle is engaged if used with a single speed throttle. Some single speed controllers ramp up the power level from low to high when the throttle is engaged, while other single speed controllers will not apply power to the motor unless the scooter is being pushed to around walking speed. Both types of single speed controllers provide protection to the drivetrain by not applying full power to the motor when the scooter is at a standstill. If the full power is immediately applied to the motor when the scooter is at a standstill it can damage the drive train components such a the motor shaft, sprockets, chain or belt, and freewheel by putting too much of a load on them.

A single speed throttle can be used with a variable speed controller by connecting one of the the single speed throttle leads to the controllers +5V throttle wire, and the other single speed throttle lead to the controller's 1-4V signal throttle wire. However I do not recommend doing this because of the stress it will put on the drivetrain.

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