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Lights don't work on Fox Mobility electric trike.

I bought a Fox Mobility electric scooter. I attached a picture of the trike. The problem is the running lights do not work. Do you have a manual for this trike? Can you help me or refer me to someone?

I searched and could not find an owners manual for the Fox Mobility scooter. However not having an owners manual is not much of a loss because most of the owners manuals for Chinese-made electric scooters do not contain any practical information regarding troubleshooting or repairs. If the running lights do not work the problem is most likely a loose or disconnected wire connector, bad switch, defective or burned out bulbs, or possibly a blown fuse.

Troubleshooting is the only way to determine where the problem is. I would start with checking the continuity of the bulbs, try to find a fuse to check continuity of, and then move onto making sure all of the wire connectors are attached and none have fallen off. The next step would be to test the running lights switch for continuity. Electrical problems can be difficult to find on scooters with plastic body panels because the wires are hidden underneath them. With enough time and patients any problem like this can be solved though. The Fox Mobility scooter looks like a fairly substantial vehicle that should be worth taking the time to fix.

If you are looking for someone to repair the scooter then please let me know your zip code and I will try to locate a repair shop in your area.

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