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Sunbird Rad2Go controller problem.

 I have a sunbird rad2go 36 volt.  The switch when on throttles wid open.  I have replaced throttle and batteries.  I was told it is in the controller which is no longer manufactured (?).  What and where is the next best aftermarket controller found.  Do all of them have to be hard wired? Stranded, HELP! mwh

It definitely sounds like the controller is burned out. When a controller burns out its MOSFET transistors lock into the on position which causes the motor to continuously run a full speed.

The original controllers are no longer available or manufactured. We have helped dozens of people install aftermarket speed controllers on their Rad2Go Sunbird electric bikes. An aftermarket speed controller will not have the same connectors as the original controller and will require hard wiring. All of our speed controller come with wiring directions which indicate which connectors and wires go to which components. To hard wire the new controller the bike components wires will need to be determined such as which wires go to the battery pack, motor, throttle, and power switch.

There are a couple of ways to attach the existing wires to the new controller. We sell matching connectors which the existing wires could be connected to. These connector require soldering or crimping with a special crimping tool that we sell to properly attach the wires to them. The other method, which is easier and only requires a common crimp terminal tool, is to cut the existing connectors off of the bike and new controller and use standard automotive crimp terminal butt connectors.

The controller that we usually recommend for the Rad2Go Sunbird electric bike is our item # SPD-36500.

36V 500W E-Scooter and E-Bike Speed Controller, Item # SPD-36500

SPD-36500 Wiring Directions

We could make a conversion wiring harness so that item # SPD-36500 is plug and play with the Rad2Go Sunbird electric bike. To do this we would need pictures of the existing controller showing the connectors and wires attached to it with text indicating which connectors go to which components.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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