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Speed Controller for Minimoto GoKart

I replaced the original speed controller on my Minimoto GoKart with Item #SPD-36500R.  Everything is working well except the on/off switch.  The cart runs in both forward and reverse but can only be turned off by disconnecting the battery.  Any idea about what I did wrong in the connections r how to correct?

It sounds like possibly the power switch is defective and stays on when you turn it off, or that there is a short circuit somewhere in the power switch wires. Another possibility is that one or more of the wires is connected to the wrong connector on the controller.

Is there anyway that you could attach pictures of the speed controller installation showing which wires go to the power switch and reverse switch, or a drawing indicating how the power switch and reverse switch is wired to the controller?

Here are the power switch and reverse switch connections on the SPD-36500R controller:

Power Switch
Blue & Red Disconnected = Power Off
Blue & Red Connected = Power On

Reverse Switch Connector
Orange & Blue Connected = Motor Reverse

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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