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Freedom scooter 644 wiring diagram

I picked up a freedom 644 scooter and upon getting it home, I noticed a lot of unplugged connections. 2 from the speed controller. ( bla+re, and blu+br) one from the battery (bla+re) one from the fuse (bla+re) and 2 from the motor. (2 separate red wires connected by one black wire. I tried different ways of connecting them, but the motor either spins the sprocket, or the entire wheel at max speed. Trying to find a proper diagram on how to connect everything, or see if the speed controller is bad. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
I do not have a wiring diagram specifically for the Freedom 644 electric scooter but I do have one for a Scoot-N-Go that may help.

If the motor spins at full speed all of the time that usually points towards the speed controller being bad, which is a very common problem. There is a very low chance that it could be a problem with the throttle though. To test which part is bad disconnect the throttle connector from controller and see if the motor still runs at full speed. If the motor runs at full speed with the throttle disconnected from the controller, then the controller is the problem, however if the motor stop running with the throttle disconnected from the controller, then the throttle is the problem.

Here is the Scoot-N-Go wiring diagram:

Please let me know if you have any questions.
The throttle would be the brown and blue on mine, correct? If so, that would be connected to the motor? It sparks when I try to connect the battery.
Most throttles have three wires which are red - black - green/blue/white. The throttle connects to the speed controller, not the motor. The speed controller is the only component that connects to the motor. It is normal for a spark to occur when connecting the battery pack to the controller.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
So do I connect the battery to the motor or the controller. Like I said, all the thick wires that have only 2 wires connecting to an adapter were all disconnected, so I don't know what goes into what...

The battery pack connects to the speed controller and not the motor. Here is a basic wiring diagram showing which parts connect to the other parts in the circuit. The battery pack usually connects to the speed controllers thick red and black wires and the motor usually connects to the speed controller thick blue and white/yellow wires (although the speed controller's thick motor wires are sometimes different colors).

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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