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Razor PR200 Clicking Sound

when i try to ride my razor when i turn the handle i just get a clicking sound, i check my batteries and the are both good, what is wrong with this, thank you.  ps where can i get just the control modular for this, thanks again.

That clicking sound usually indicates that the battery packs Voltage is dropping under load. The controller turns itself off when it reads a battery pack Voltage under 22 Volts. The first thing I would do is check the battery packs Voltage under load. To do this attach your Voltmeter to the battery pack leads and read its Voltage, then turn the scooter on and twist the throttle and read its Voltage. You should notice the battery packs Voltage dropping under 22 Volts after the throttle is applied. After the controller clicks and turns off the Voltage will probably rebound above 22 Volts and this can happen quickly so you want to keep your eye closely on the meter while performing this test. The test could also be performed by placing a different load on the battery pack or individual batteries, such as a big car headlight or similar electrical component with a high Amp draw.

If the batteries pass the load test then the problem has to be somewhere else in the electrical system. Since the controller is clicking when the throttle is engaged that indicates that the wiring harness, power switch, and fuse are good - and that the throttle is sending a signal to the controller. I would check to make sure that the motor is properly attached to the controller and if it is then I would try replacing the controller in this situation.

We have controllers available for Razor PR200 electric pocket bikes on this page:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

hi thanks for your reply, in my case i changed the control modular and the clicking stop and the rear wheel started to turn without touching the throttle when i turn the throttle it went very fast. my question is when i tried to ride it, it moved real slow. one battery tested 13v and the other 12.5 could it be the batteries? i did not do a load test, (wasn't sure how) thanks for any information, bob.

Regarding the wheel turning without touching the throttle, try disconnecting the throttle from the controller and see if the wheel stops spinning then. If the wheel only spins when the throttle is connected to the controller then the throttle may need to be replaced. You may also want to check and see if the grip next to the throttle is preventing the throttle from returning to its zero throttle position before replacing it.

If the bike moves real slow when you ride it, that is almost always caused the batteries dropping Voltage under load. If the batteries are dropping Voltage under load then they will need to be replaced.

13V and 12.5V are pretty low Voltage ratings for fully charged batteries. Both batteries should be at around 13.9 Volts with a full charge. It sounds to me like the batteries may be worn out.


What would cause a new jazzy elite to make a very pronounced clicking noise

hi everyone ive got a strange clicking sound coming from my zippy 400 only happens after i switch the power button off i hear about 10 clicks in time .scooter is running fine though just puzzing as to what it could be seems like the clicks come from the motor which i have vented ,its a 36v overvolted zippy 400 scooter

Sometimes when there is a clicking sound inside of the motor it is from a small piece of magnet that has broken off of a larger magnet in the motor. The small piece of magnet usually sticks to the motor's metal frame so it does not cause a catastrophic failure however it can cause a clicking sound and sometimes even resistance or grinding when turning the motor by hand.

thank you very much esp

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