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Razor Pocket Mod Throttle/Controller mismatch.

I am trying to replace a dead controller in a Razor Pocket Mod v44 (Bella). My controller was a HB2430TYD-FS.  TNC sells a HB2430-TYD-HCH as a replacement, but the throttle connectors do not match.

I have a 4 wire non-LED throttle (Org/Org/Brn/Brn) and the new controller has a 6 position connector with 5 populated (Yel/Red/blk/blk/green).

Is there a way to use a 4 wire throttle with the 5 wire controller?  If so, does anyone have docs on the pinouts.

I know I can always order a new throttle, but I'd like to have this running by the weekend of possible. My daughter waited a month for an order from a competitor that was then backordered another month. I cancelled and ordered from TNC, who got the controller to me fast, but the mismatch is holding us up. 

Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

The 4 wire throttle with orange and brown wires is a non-variable speed throttle and will not work with variable speed controllers like the HB2430-TYD-HCH. The HB2430-TYD-HCH controller requires a variable speed throttle. Our item # THR-52R throttle is a plug and play variable speed throttle for the HB2430-TYD-HCH controller.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


 Throttle for Razor® Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Version 8-12
Replacement twist throttle with matching grip for version 8-12 of the Razor® Pocket Mod electric scooter. Replaces throttles with 5 wires and 3 LED indicator lights.
Item # THR-52R $21.95

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