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Handlebar diameter?

 What handlebar diameter does the left side brake lever (part number LEV-30) fit?   I'm looking for a brake handle to fit my Escuta C9 seated scooter (like a seated razor)  This part looks  the same but you do not provide the size specs.

All of our brake levers including part number LEV-30 fit 7/8" (22mm) OD handlebars. 7/8" OD handlebars are used on practically all electric scooters and bicycles with the exception of a few very large and powerful street legal electric scooters which have 1" OD motorcycle handlebars.

hi my evo 36v 800w has a wobbly handlebar it moves backwards and forwards about an inch .any ideas as to fixing it.thanks

The headset's adjustable race and lock nut may be loose and need tightening. If that does not help then the headset bearings might be worn out and need replacement. You can check for play between the forks and the frame's headtube to verify if the headset bearings are causing the problem.


Please let us know how it goes.

hi yes will do.ive found the point where i think movement is ,heres a photo its the top of the photo just below the sliver crossbar ,its 3or5 mm.not and inch sorry

3mm to 5mm is still a lot of handlebar play and must be annoying. The part in your photo is the headset bearing. Once you disassemble the handlebars and or forks to access the headset bearing then they can be replaced with a new set to solve the problem. There is an upper and lower bearing in the set and both of them should be replaced at the same time.

If the headset races are still good then only the bearings need to be replaced however if the headset races look to be worn by the bearings then they should be replaced also.

thank you esp.i will try and get some spanners and try tightning up first,hope it solves the problem as the the other option of replacing bit sound a bit frightning to me.will let you know how it goes.thanks again.topman

Hopefully tightening the headset will solve the problem. Please let us know how it goes.

yes the tightening up has done the job. all credit to esp once again.thank you very much

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