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Schwinn s500 cd wiring diagram and...

Just picked up two schwinn 350's and a s500 cd i have no documentation. Where can I find somthing to start with?
Currie Tech made Schwinn, eZip, IZIP, GT, and Mongoose electric scooters, Here is a link to an eZip owners manual that can be used for Schwinn electric scooters: Owners Manual

And here is a wiring diagram that applies to most Schwinn electric scooters.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks, I made my first small order today but have several question about utilizing my existing 36v L ion 10ah and a second 13.8ah L ion nm batteries. I have 3 scooters to choose from to upgrade. 2 Schwinn s350 models and an S500 cd. I assume I need a new controller and motor? What do you have available for a plug and play upgrade. Btw thanks for the fair shipping rate, first class, for small items. A greatly appreciated option! Also not fleecing me for a 40w fuse. Some are whacking buyers 4 times as much. Kudos for fair treatment even though shipping time is still an overhead cost. I'm and old guy late tomthe hobby and thrilled by your honest policies. Consider me a loyal continued customer.
BTW i ride two mid drive ebikes too.

You are welcome, and thank you for placing your order with us.

We have a container of Currie motors and controllers due to arrive in around two weeks. After they arrive we will have plug and play 36 Volt controllers and motors available for Schwinn electric scooters. I can recommend the right controller and motor if I may ask a few questions first. How many wires do the throttles have? Do the motors have freewheel sprockets or standard sprockets? And also do you know the maximum continuous Amp output of the Lithium battery packs so I can match up the right controller and motor combination for it?

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Standard Sprocket

Freewheel Sprocket

Click to view larger image.

The batteries are 13.8Ah(10S 5P, 29E) & 11Ah (10S 5P, 22P) both BMS are rated 20A continuous. I can also can custom build 18650 LiPO4 or LiPo based 7s packs at whatever the ideal continuous would be. BUT I'd like to utilize he two packs I already have. They mount on the water bottle mounts. I've added long each front brakes so I can handle more power. Don't care as much about top end as quick starts.

One other question. The motor mount on the S500cd has a single thread hoe and two slots for adjusting the motor. Rather than the axle adjustment with the 16MM nut on the 300's. What was used on the S500? The hex bolts and a backing nut? They were missing and the owner for obvious reasons couldn't keep the chain on.

Also the 500 control always read 9 volts to the motor. I imagine this COULD be a throttle problem. It is a 5 wire. Any specs on testing the 5 wire throttles?

Placed another dinky order for bits and pieces while we're deciding on the motor and getting the niggling details worked out. Love that first class shipping and quick service. Is there a rating site for your company? I'd love to rave. I'm an old grump and your customer service excels!

Sorry 2 are 11T one is a freewheel. I don't get why the difference. The 300 with the freewheel has a crapy rear brake cable mount location so that frame will likely be the last to bother with. I'd love to find a rear brake retrofit but it may be easier to just find a new frame with the brake tang below the frame member. The top mount was a crap design...

I do not currently have a S500 scooter in the shop and I can not remember how the motor mounts on it. The setup with one permanent bolt and two adjustable bolts sounds familiar to me though.

The Schwinn S500 scooter was made with 3 wire, 5 wire and 6 wire throttles depending upon its make date, so it could have either of these throttles.

Here is a drawing showing the wiring on a 5 wire throttle:

Please let me know if you have any further questions,

Which motor and controller would work best with my 36V batteries listed above in the post?

Since the battery pack is rated at 20 Amps continuous output, and electric scooters are usually ran at full throttle most of the time, I would use a controller with a 20 Amp maximum current rating. I just checked our 36 Volt controllers and the lowest maximum current rating one that we have is rated at 25 Amps and 500 Watts. It sounds like you may need a 36 Volt 350 Watt controller as the 500 Watt controllers all have a 25 Amp maximum current rating. However if you can build a pack with a 25 Amp continuous output rating then the 500 Watt controller would be a good match. All of the Currie controllers have a 30 Amp rating so unless you can build a pack with a 30A rating then you may need to use a non OEM controller.

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