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Scoot-n-Go won't go

I'm trying to fix my wife's Scoot-n-Go scooter for Christmas.  I just purchased a new battery pack from you and it shows that it's charged up (12V showing on each of the 2 batteries.)  When the charger is plugged in I get all functions, but when I disconnect the charger I get no power at all.

I see no loose wires anywhere, so I'm stumped.  One question: I have no info on what kind of fuse to use.  I currently have a 10-A fuse in the fuse holder.  At one time the fuse holder was melted and I had a friend re-wire that - it looks a little squirrely to me but, as I said, all function power up in the charger mode.  

FYI, I have very limited mechanical or electrical knowledge, but I can follow instructions.  Can you assist in diagnosing this problem?


Bob Haworth (aka "Santa")

The Scoot-N-Go electric scooter uses a 20 Amp fuse. I would start with replacing the fuse with the right rating and take it from there. If the fuse holder looks like something is wrong with it then I would replace it also. If it still does not work with a 20 Amp fuse and new fuse holder then please let me know and I will make further recommendations.


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