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phantom pulse no electrics

Please help, my partner on his way home from work stopped at shop and when he came out boys were by his scooter and walked away when he approached them, scooter will not turn on , no electrics, there is a wire hanging down under the seat on the offside but this does not look damaged, its a plug in wire and I have unplugged and plugged back in. still no response.  is there a cut off switch under the seat which they may have pressed. I think they tried to steal but couldn't so did something to it :-(

Unfortunately I am not familiar with the Phantom Pulse scooter so I do not know if it has a cut-off switch under the seat. My guess is that it does not because most scooters do not have cut-off switches under the seat, they usually have a cut-off switch on the handlebars. The kids who damaged the scooter may have taken a part off of it that they needed for their scooter so you may want to check for any missing parts. Other than that the standard tests for spark and fuel would be the first steps that I would take to try to solve the problem.


oh ok, will probably take it down to our local repair centre as I am really not familiar with scooters so wouldn't know what I was looking at.was hoping it would be something simple.  Thanks so much  for replying and at least I know that there is no cut off switch under the seat, I really appreciate taking your time to reply.

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