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Wiring Upgraded Controller for MX650 Razor BIke

Upgrading a standard stock MX650 Razor Dirt Bike. Ordered a new SPD-481000B controller to upgrade the old one. The new controller isn't plug and play with the existing wires. Most of the set-up was straightforward, but I am down to the last bit and it isn't obvious how to proceed. 

New controller: 4 plugs (labeled) with 9 wires (see image with four plugs)

Wires on the bike: 2 plugs with 8 wires (plugs not labeled; one with a red/black wire [think it is the brake] and one with six wires--brown, blue, yellow, white, black, and red)

Any suggestions for how to complete the wiring? I'm baffled by the different number of wires (9 on the new, 8 on the old).

Thanks a lot!

The controller factory only labels the minimal number of connectors necessary. The connectors that are not labelled have to be determined by the process of elimination. You should be able to determine what all of the connector functions are by following the illustration below or viewing the SPD-48100B wiring directions page.

You can use the existing stock 6 wire MX650 throttle with the SPD-481000B controller and it will operate the motor fine however the lights on the throttle can not be made to work with the SPD-48100B controller. Here is an illustration showing how to wire the controller with the stock throttle.

To have a throttle with working lights the stock throttle would need to be replaced with a THR-84 throttle. Here is an illustration showing how to wire it with a THR-84 throttle.

 I hope this helps and answers all of your questions. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Very helpful indeed! This got me almost all the way there. However, there is no place on the existing power switch to plus in a "lock" set of wires (red/blue) from the controller. See the picture, uploaded. Any ideas where the juice to the lock should be plugged in on the machine? Or can I simply close the circuit on the Lock wire from the controller?

The power switch needs to be disconnected from the two thick red wires going to the battery pack and controller otherwise the battery charger will not charge the batteries when the power switch is off. The power lock connector wires should go directly to the power switch to turn the bike on and off.


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