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E MAD Skateboard

I bought a E MAD 800 watt skateboard 2 years ago, and used it until finally the batteries failed. I just bought 3 brand new batteries from you guys a little over a month ago and have noticed a something. They charge faster than the originals, and that they die faster, not lasting as long. It still develops great power as it did originally, but now I can only go half as far. It appears these replacements do not have the stamina as the originals. Any suggestions ? I got the 12 volt 12 Ah batteries (three) and am a bit disappointed. Thanks for any help

Brand new lead-acid batteries need conditioning before they will reach their full potential. It is normal for new lead-acid batteries to have lower performance for the first 15-20 discharge and recharge cycles. Keep discharging and recharging the battery pack and you will notice a significant increase in battery performance after a little while. You should notice that they last a little bit longer after every deep discharge and recharge cycle for around the first 20 cycles.

. I got about 10 more cycles to go. I'll let you know. By the way, are the 12 V 14Ah batteries  basically the same but longer run capacity ? Thanks for your quick response

Yes 12V 14Ah batteries are basically the same as the 12V 12Ah batteries except since they have a higher Ah rating they have a longer run capacity. The run time capacity difference between 12Ah and 14Ah batteries is around 15%.


UPDATE with the batteries: I've been using the  skate board now about seven more times, for a total about 17 cycles, and each time I go a shorter and shorter distance. I am very familiar on the charging and discharging and the procedure that goes along with it. I do remember when I first got the board and how the performance just got better and better every time I used it. The opposite s happening with these replacements. I will go ahead and keep using it, hoping it will change, but staying close to home. I just wanted to let you guys know about it. Thanks

Sorry to hear about this ongoing problem. Battery performance should increase with each discharge and recharge cycle during the formatting period. Usually when this happens one of the batteries in the pack is defective and has a bad cell.

Can you individually test the batteries at home with an automotive battery load tester, or have them tested at a local battery store?

That way we can determine which battery is causing the problem and replace it under warranty.


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