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Hello Kitty City Cruiser Not Running


My dog recently chewed through the brake wire cable to the controller. My City Cruiser no longer runs.  I have read through a number of the threads here for potential solutions but was not successful.  However, I have learned some basic issues to explore.  I have tried the following and still can not get the scooter to run.  I am hoping someone here can provide some assistance.  thanks.

1.  Disconnected the brake wire cable from the speed controller and still no luck.

2.  Replaced the batteries with two new ones.  They were able to charge.  Confirmed I am getting 25V across the two batteries with a multimeter.

3.  Turned power switch on.  Light comes on.  Lifted the rear of the scooter and turn throttle.  Motor does not turn.  Walked the scooter at walking speed and turn throttle with no effect.

4.  Motor does turn when i connect it directly to batteries. 

5.  Ordered the following controller: CT-201C6 24V 250W.

6.  Even though I have the wiring diagram, I am having some problems making the connections since the wiring color/and number of wires are all different from the original manufacturer and the plugs are different.

Does anyone have any other ideas I can try if the controller is not the issue?  Much thanks.

There is a slight chance that the Hello Kitty City Cruiser might use a brake lever switch that is normally closed (most scooters use a normally open brake lever switch). Before installing the new controller I recommend emulating a normally closed brake lever switch by plugging the chewed through brake wire cable back into the controller and stripping and twisting (shorting) the two brake switch wires together and seeing if it runs with the old controller then. If that does not solve the problem please let me know and I will help you with installing the new CT-201C6 controller.

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I am unable to try out your suggestion because I had already soldered the two wires of the brake back together, red to red and black to black. I reconnected to the speed controller and still no go. I also had purchased a new brake handle with the wiring cable and tried that without positive results. Also bought a new throttle handle with wiring and tried that without success. So I pretty much replaced everything except connecting the new speed controller. If you can help me connect the new speed controller I would appreciate it. Attached is a picture of the existing/factory speed controller with the connectors labeled before I disconnected everything and a picture of the new controller (silver) with my guesses as to what the connectors are but the connectors don’t match.

I can make a drawing showing how to install the SPD-CT201C6 controller on your scooter. I need more information about the charger port wiring though. Could you please attach a photo of the charger port showing the wires and connector on it?


Here are pictures of the charger port with wiring and a close up of the plug.  thanks.



This is a picture of the purchased speed controller.


Thanks for the photos. I am working on drawing a wiring diagram to install the new controller on your scooter. I should have it ready soon and I will post it here when it is finished.


Hi, just checking if you had a chance to complete the drawing yet. Thanks.


I finally got a chance to complete the wiring diagram drawing for the CT201C6 controller today. Here it is:

Our parts list shows that the original throttle on the Hello Kitty electric scooter is a two wire non-variable speed type throttle which is not compatible with the CT201C6 controller because it is variable speed controller. In order to be able to use the CT201C6 controller you will need to have a variable speed throttle. The THR-84 throttle shown in the drawing above is compatible with the CT201C6 controller and has a built-in battery gauge to show the power level of the battery pack.

If the connectors on the scooter are different than the connectors on the controller then matching connectors may need to be purchased and are available on this page:

Connecting the right color wires between the controller and the parts that the controller attaches to is essential. Speed controllers are very fragile in regards to wiring incorrectly and can be permanently damaged if a wrong connection is made.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions.
Thank you for the drawing.  This also answered my question if the throttle was a variable-speed or non-variable speed.  I will order the variable speed throttle.


Thank you we received your throttle and connectors order and have already shipped it out.


Hi, I reconnected everything as shown in the drawing.  All the color coding matched except for the green wire on the 4-pin throttle.  The drawing shows green to green, but the speed control wire is brown.  All the other colors on the throttle matched with those on the speed control so the only wire left is the brown.  Also, the factory power switch on the scooter has 3 pins instead of 2 as shown on your drawing.  I connected the 3rd pin to a ground and the switch lit up.  However, the three LEDs on the throttle did not come one and the scooter did not work.  Could I somehow have damage the speed control.  Is there a way to test if the speed control is working or not.  I just ordered a new controller just in case.  Thanks.


The throttle wire colors on the CT201C6 controller should be black, red, green, and gray. I just pulled a CT201C6 controller from the shelf and those are the throttle wire colors it had. The brown wire should be for the brake lever switch. Maybe the controller you received was wired incorrectly by the factory. Could you please attach a photo of the CT201C6 controller so I can check the wire colors to see how its connectors are wired?


Let me know if you can see this well enough.  If not, I can take another picture.  The throttle cable is the middle one.


Just a note, i ordered a new CT201C6 this past Friday.  I hope they sent me one with the correct wiring.


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