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Hello Kitty City Cruiser Not Running


My dog recently chewed through the brake wire cable to the controller. My City Cruiser no longer runs.  I have read through a number of the threads here for potential solutions but was not successful.  However, I have learned some basic issues to explore.  I have tried the following and still can not get the scooter to run.  I am hoping someone here can provide some assistance.  thanks.

1.  Disconnected the brake wire cable from the speed controller and still no luck.

2.  Replaced the batteries with two new ones.  They were able to charge.  Confirmed I am getting 25V across the two batteries with a multimeter.

3.  Turned power switch on.  Light comes on.  Lifted the rear of the scooter and turn throttle.  Motor does not turn.  Walked the scooter at walking speed and turn throttle with no effect.

4.  Motor does turn when i connect it directly to batteries. 

5.  Ordered the following controller: CT-201C6 24V 250W.

6.  Even though I have the wiring diagram, I am having some problems making the connections since the wiring color/and number of wires are all different from the original manufacturer and the plugs are different.

Does anyone have any other ideas I can try if the controller is not the issue?  Much thanks.

Thanks for attaching the photo. I recognize that batch of CT201C6 controllers. On that batch of controllers the factory ran out of green wire and substituted a brown wire for the green throttle wire. You are absolutely correct to wire the green throttle wire to the brown controller wire on the 4-wire throttle connector. Doing so would not cause the controller to burn out.

I recommend keeping the new controller sealed until we do some troubleshooting in case we can get the first controller to work.

It sounds like power from the battery pack may not be reaching the controller. This could be caused by either a bad power switch or fuse. My parts list shows that the Hello Kitty has a 30 Amp ATO fuse, and I notice that I omitted the fuse from the wiring diagram, but the scooter should have a 30 Amp fuse between the battery pack and power switch.

Do you have a multimeter to test if the power switch and fuse are good and working?

Also if you would like to attach some photos of the installation I would be glad to look them over to see if I can notice anything that may be causing the problem.

I am attaching a picture of the wiring and a close up the throttle connection.  I hope the labels will help identify any potential issue.  Yes, there is a 30 amp fuse between the battery and the switch.  I was able to get everything to work once.  The throttle lights came on and the throttle did vary the motor speed.  However, when I disconnected the two red wires from the test switch to reconnect them to the actual switch on the scooter, i inadvertently reversed the two red wire positions on the switch.  As a result, the fuse blew.  After replacing the fuse, the throttle lights no longer come on and nothing works.  The light on the power switch does come on.

Second picture


Just wanted to ask another question regarding the power switch.  From the attached picture, with the switch in the OFF position (light is off), i measured 26V across the ground and pin 2.  When I turn the switch on (light comes on), I am not measuring 26V (only 0.2v) across the ground and pin 1.  Shouldn't I be seeing 26V across ground and pin 1 because it would then feed the speed control? Thanks.


It looks like you are just a few seconds away from having it working. The photos show that the wires connected to the power switch are not going to the correct switch terminals. The way the switch is wired in the photographs would cause the switch light to illuminate when the switch is on but the controller would not receive any power.

The wires going to the two outer terminals on the switch need to be reversed so the ground wire goes to the outer gold switch terminal and the positive battery pack red wire goes to the outer silver switch terminal. Here is a photo of how the switch needs to be wired.

After the wires are connected to the switch as shown in the photo above everything should work. I would have the switch in the OFF position until all the wire connections are made and then flip the switch on for testing.

Great that works.  Appreciate your help.  My friend's daughter will be happy.


It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to help you get the scooter working again. Thank you for your business and please do not hesitate to let us know if you ever need any further assistance with an electric scooter or bike repair project.


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