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Sunl 500 won't turn on

I just replaced the key switch and the batteries on my Sunl 500 electric scooter. If it is on the charger, the power lights come on, but it won't move. Off the charger, the power light comes on for one second then fades. Any ideas what is wrong?

It sounds like the power from the battery pack may not be reaching the controller. This could be caused by a bad fuse, bad wire connector, damaged wire, or from a loose connection. The first thing I would do is test the fuse to make sure it is good. Here is a video guide explaining how to test electric scooter and bike fuses:

If you do not have a multimeter to test the fuse with then the fuse could be replaced with a new one to eliminate the old fuse as being the problem.

If testing or replacing the fuse does not solve the problem please let me know and we will take it from there.

Replacing the fuse worked. Thank you very much. But need to make sure I have the right amp fuse. They couldn't read it on old fuse. So I have a 25 amp. Think I read on this site that it needs a 40 amp. What is correct?
The Amperage rating of the fuse depends on the rated power of the motor. For an electric scooter with a 250 Watt motor a 20 Amp fuse is recommended, and for a 500 Watt motor a 40 Amp fuse is recommended. I checked and can not find any specifications for the motor size on a SUNL 500 electric scooter. We sell a 500 Watt speed controller for it but that controller can be used with motors rated between 250 and 500 Watts. If the 25 Amp fuse you installed is not burning out then I would stay with it. However if it burns out then I would upgrade it to a higher Amperage fuse.


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