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Where can I find a body for a BMX electric scooter?

I picked up a BMX scooter a while back and planned on repairing the plastics on it.  I'm now thinking it would be easier to just buy a new body for it.  Does anyone know where I could find one?

We have new plastic bodies for BMX electric scooters in stock. They are available if many different colors and come in two different length sizes.

Simply measure the old bodies length from front to rear and give us a call to order a new one. They cost $35.00 plus $40.00 for shipping (they are large and shipped in an oversize box so shipping is very expensive).

If you want to go ahead and order one please let me know the overall length of your old body and what color you want. Then I will check to see if we have the size and color you want in stock, attach a photo of it, and give you a link to purchase it. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you.  Before I do that I need to determine if I need new batteries.  My batteries take a charge and hold a charge but the scooter doesn't seem to have much "oomph".  It's fine on flat ground but as soon as their is the slightest include it just dies.

That definitely sounds like it could be a problem with the batteries. The Voltage of worn out batteries will drop under load, such as a going up slight inclines, which can cause the motor to stop running.

Here is a link to our electric scooter battery load testing information page:

I tested it and it went from 38 volts under no load to 32 volts under load.  Does that mean it's time to order some batteries?

That is a substantial decrease in battery pack Voltage under load. A good battery pack should only drop down to around 36 Volts under load. Most controllers have a 31.5 Volt under-Voltage protection circuit, so at 32 Volts the controller is just about to turn off. That load test result definitely points towards the battery pack needing replacement.

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