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blowing fuse

when hooking wires to new control box, turn on toggle switch, immediately blows fuse, was told it calls for a 30 fuse,blowing a 35

(1.43 MB)
(1.48 MB)
This could be caused by a problem with the wiring. Could you please attach a photo of the new control box wiring so I can check to see if anything looks out of place?


here is the new control box

(1.12 MB)
Thanks for attaching the photo. I would need to see a photo the controller when it is wired to the other parts that it attaches to in order to determine if there is any type of problem with the wiring.
Red to red black to black no other wires hooked up and not touching each other. And blows fuse when you hit toggle switch.
Those Currie RMB (rear mounted battery) electric bicycles and kits typically use a 40 Amp fuse. You may want to try a 40 Amp fuse and see if that helps.

Here is a page where the 40 Amp fuse can be purchased at:

I have a 48V17AMP batter. Can I use  48V 17 charger?

For a 48 Volt 17 Amp hour battery pack a 48 Volt 2.5 Amp or 48 Volt 3 Amp battery charger is the recommended size to use.

A 48 Volt 1.7 Amp battery charger would be too small and a 48 Volt 17 Amp battery charger would be too large.

how many fuses are in a VOY phanthom.

I found a 25amp under the seat post and there is none on the battery

box where it should be

I believe that the it has two fuses. The battery box should have a 20 Amp fuse in it. Here is an excerpt from the owners manual regarding the battery pack fuse:

Here is a link to the owners manual:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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