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15 year old BUZZ scooter

I've had a Buzz scooter lying in the corner for years.  My grandson wants to use it and amazingly it almost seems like everything is good.  Motor runs fine when direct voltage is applied. Tires even hold air.  However, when batteries are connected normally thru the switch and speed controller the beeper goes off, none of the three battery indicator lights come on and the motor will not run at all.  Disconnecting the brake switch makes no difference.  

What does the beeping mean and what should I try next? 


Dick Kearley

The Huffy BUZZ electric scooter requires a very specific start up procedure to be followed in order for it to operate. I will paste the start up procedure below which is taken from its owners manual:

  • Turn key to "on" position
  • Apply and hold the brake lever (on the left) firmly; the Buzz scooter will not function until this operation is performed
  • Release brake lever Slowly apply throttle (on the right) while keeping your hand near the brake lever at all times (see note below)
  • Gradually apply throttle until desired speed is reached

NOTE: As an added safety feature, the Buzz scooter's micro-computer automatically cuts off power to the motor whenever the brake is applied. The motor regains power after a short pause. To allow for this pause, do not apply throttle immediately after applying the brake.


Here is a link to the Huffy BUZZ owners manual:

The owners manual explains what the different beeps that the Huffy BUZZ scooter makes mean.

If the start up instructions are followed and the scooter still does not operate then it could have a defective component or worn out batteries. Please keep in mind that worn out batteries will operate the motor when directly connected to it, however may not operate the scooter when wired through the controller box due to their Voltage level being below the controllers low Voltage cut-off level.

Hopefully by following the official start up procedure the scooter will run. If it does not run when started according to the manual please let me know and I will make further troubleshooting suggestions.

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