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intermittent power to motor

My baja BE500 electric scooter has a intermittent power problem,the motor doesn't take hold until throttle reaches the three quarters Mark,then I get about 100 feet an it looses power,a few seconds later and the power returns get about 50 feet or so and I loose power an it repeats.what's the problem please?
It sounds like it could be a problem with either the battery pack or the controller. The first step I would take is to load test the batteries. Load testing the batteries will either point towards the batteries needing replacement or being good in which case you will know that the problem lies elsewhere.

Electric scooter batteries can be load tested at home with an automotive carbon pile load tester or tested away from home at a battery store or auto parts store (call ahead before bringing them to an auto parts store because some of them will not test small lead acid batteries).


Carbon Pile 12 Volt Battery Load Tester For Testing Batteries At Home

The batteries will need to be removed from the scooter before load testing. I recommend drawing a picture or taking a photograph of the wiring harness before removing it from the batteries so you will know how to reinstall it back onto the batteries when they are reinstalled into the scooter.

If the batteries test bad then replacing them would be the next step. If they test good then I would look into replacing the speed controller as the next step.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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