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Rear lights & indicators

 I am restoring an old 48 volt e-bike manufactured by Huasheng. In the front it has a head light and direction indicators. On the back is a bracket where, i assume, the tail lights and indicators were fitted. I want to replace these but cannot work out the wiring. In order of priority they would be indicators, stop light, tail light.

I have drawn a diagram of the wiring. The numbered rectangles represent connectors. I know very little about electronics but the Front Panel printed circuit board contains a Texas Instruments LM339D Quad Differential Comparator. I have no idea what this does but it may help you.

I have searched the web for a control unit which has the same number of outlets as the one fitted on my bike, with no success. As you can see the label on mine is no help.

Do you have any suggestions how I can get the lights to work and if so do you have any I could use?



(1.97 MB)
(6.31 MB)
(6.35 MB)
I looked at all of the photographs and drawings that you attached. Unfortunately I am at a loss to make any recommendations of replacement parts for that bike. We do not have a control unit like that. The only way I can think to get the lights working is to rewire them independently from the controller. If you want to use 12 Volts lights we have a Voltage converter which will drop the 48 Volt down to 12 Volts. It is our item # CVT-7212 which is available on this page:
Thanks for your comments. Rewiring was my Plan B. Next on the list will now be to check the voltage of the lighting system.


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