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problem with my electric system

I own a  Tricycle for taking my old dogs for rides.  I put an aftermarket motor on and it has a 36 Volt system, there are three wires from my controller = yellow, blue and green. My friend checked with a meter and says the voltage appears to be good from the batteries.  His guess is that it is a controller problem.  I have pictures of the set up.  With fully charged batteries and tested, still when I move my throttle to add power I hear only a faint tapping sound from the motor and no movement.  During my last ride it felt like the motor was trying to turn the wheel backward?  I appreciate your help.

I would check the wires and connectors between the motor and controller. Sometimes with brushless motors if there is a short circuit, broken wire, or loose connection between any of the wires, the motor will do what you described.
I have checked the wiring and to me it looks as if the electricity doesn’t pass through the controller.


That type of problem with your electric tricycle could be caused by things such as loose connections or bad wires, however it could also be caused by worn out batteries that drop too much Voltage under load. I would load test the individual batteries to make sure that they are not causing the problem. Battery load tests can be done at home if you have an automotive battery load tester or at a battery  store. Auto parts stores will also sometimes test electric bicycle batteries but you may want to call them first to make sure they will load test electric bike batteries before bringing them in.

I would be glad to look over the wiring if you want to insert or attach your pictures of the set up?

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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