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Scooter virgin... Clueless and need guidance!!

Hi! I just bought an electric scooter from some guy, a craigslist type of deal. I was told its a "Mini Cruiser 350". (I have no idea what that means!) However, I got it for such a great price I was ok that it needed a little bit of work. The only things I have noticed is it needs the brake levers replaced, air in the tires and to be charged. No big deal, right?! My problem is I dont have a clue about what parts to order. YouTube can walk me through the labor but I'm not 100% on what kind of scooter it actually is, and I got tripped up about switches and wire connectors and what not. Can someone lay it out for me what's really necessary to replace and is there a way to identify this sucker? I can't find it online anywhere!
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That is a "dolphin type" Chinese-made electric scooter. Those scooters were marketed under dozens or maybe hundreds of different names so the name printed on the footplate really does not mean that much. The most popular brand of "dolphin" electric scooter was the Scoot-N-Go. Most parts for the Scoot-N-Go electric scooter will be compatible with your Mini Cruiser 350 electric scooter. Here is a link to the Scoot-N-Go parts:

If the scooter has been in storage for a long time, like over a year, then the batteries may not be able to be recharged and might need to be replaced. The type of batteries (sealed lead-acid) that most electric scooters including yours use are not able to withstand sitting for extended periods of time without being recharged, otherwise they will go bad and need to be replaced. It is definitely worth trying to recharge the batteries though just in case they are still good.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thanks so much! I took the rear wheel off and had it repaired at a bike shop but they wouldn't help me put it back on and I don't remember what goes where! Are there any you tube videos or step by step instructions as to how to get it back on there and on the chain and everything you would recommend for a newb with a Chinese bike?! Ha! Thanks SOOOO much for your reply! I am eager to get this thing up and running!

I do not know of any YouTube videos that show how to install the rear wheel on a dolphin type scooter, but we do have a page with a drawing of the rear wheel and its parts that might help. The rear wheel assembly page is at the following link, it shows how the Scoot-N-Go rear wheel goes back together.

To install the chain make sure it is over the back of the axle before sliding the wheel onto the frame, then loosen the axle adjusters all the way and slide the axle all the way forward and roll the chain onto the sprocket. Then tighten the axle adjusters drive tension nuts until the proper chain tension is achieved. The Scoot-N-Go owner manual shows how to properly tension the chain on page 14. It is available at this link:

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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