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Range and adding extra batteries

Hello,  i have a 48v 500W Luyuan electric Scooter i just purchased used.. i seem to have the following isuues.. 

- I went on a 37 klm ride on weekend.. after about 20 klm, it slowed down quite a bit. as there is only a gauge for Amp/battery usage. I cant tell how fast i was actually riding. But for the last 10 klms, id say no more than 10 - 15 klms per hr..

- can extra batteries be added to the existing system, without harming the bike? I was told by the one o bought it from,. i could add another 2 batteries(ex: 2ovolts) but im not sure it thats ok..

- also i notice I litterallyy feel every groove in the road. Didnt have that issue with my last green machine.. Could bettr shocks help this??

-last..when i parked the bike inside last night it was still on about 1/2 charge when i turned it off. i didnt plug it in, as there was still lots of power in the battery. 

this morning when i turned it on, it showed the battery was near drained, yet the bike was turned off all night.. 

im a bit confused.. any help would be greatly appreciated.

tx ever so much.

When an electric scooter slows down significantly while riding it is because the battery pack has depleted to a level where it can not produce as much energy as it could at the beginning of the ride.

Some electric scooters can have an extra battery pack added to them. This extra battery pack is usually installed under the seat. I am not very familiar with the 48V 500W Luyuan electric scooter but I found some pictures of it online and it looks like the type of scooter that an extra battery pack can be added to under the seat. The extra battery pack would need to be 48 Volts and consist of four batteries. If the bike has existing wiring to add an extra battery pack then it would connect to that wiring.

Shocks with lighter springs could help smooth out the ride however they may be difficult to find in the exact size that you need. I would start by checking the air pressure in the tires to make sure they are not overinflated. Overinflated tires can cause a rough ride also.

If the battery pack had half a charge and was left overnight and then the battery pack was nearly drained, that points towards the batteries being worn out and needing replacement.

In the future I recommend recharging the batteries after every ride. The type of batteries that electric scooters use do not like to be left in a partially discharged state for any amount of time. When they are in a partially discharged state the materials inside of the batteries start to corrode which damages and lowers the life the batteries.

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