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Charging less than a full pack of batteries

 When installing new batteries for our Zapino, we damaged the terminals of one battery. We're running 48V instead of 60, and the power and speed seem just fine. Our older lower-amp charger worked for a while since the change, then stopped. I'm getting a new Zapino 60V charger. Will this be a problem if only charging 48V?

Yes it could definitely cause a problem. A 48 Volt battery charger should be used with a 48 Volt battery pack. I recommend buying a 48 volt charger. Otherwise the battery pack will overcharge which will cause it to wear out and fail prematurely. Charging a 48 Volt pack with a 60 Volt charger could also damage the charger because the battery pack may never reach 60 Volts and the charger would not turn off which could cause it to overheat.

Thanks! I think my best solution will be to buy a new battery so we'd be at 60V.


That sounds like a good idea to me. The scooter will have more power and speed at 60 Volts and everything will run like it is supposed to at that Voltage. I recommend buying a battery that is the same brand and model as the existing batteries. Different brands of batteries do not like to be mixed and matched with each other because they have different chemistries.

Also since the existing batteries were charged with a 60 Volt charger it would be a good idea to balance the batteries before installing the new one so each battery has the same Voltage level as the other. This will prolong the life of the battery pack. If one battery in the pack has less Voltage than the others, then it will continue to be that way during the life of the battery pack and may eventually fail from being undercharged. To balance the batteries test each one for its Voltage level and individually charge each battery with a small 12 Volt battery charger until all batteries have the exact same Voltage level. The ideal Voltage level for 12 Volt electric scooter batteries to be charged to is 13.8 Volts.

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