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Razor electric Dirt Quad gives 1 second burst of power then nothing else

A neighbor gave me a Razor Quad that looks nearly new but doesn't work. I charged the batteries and when the throttle is turned it gives 1 small burst of power and will move about 1 foot. Then nothing for about 15 seconds. Then turn the throttle again and another small burst of power and 1 foot of forward motion. It will continue to do this over and over as many times as my Em has the patience to wait. . Any ideas before I begin blindly replacing parts? This Razor electric Dirt Quad is a version 02 according to the ID stickers. Thanks!
That type of vehicle behavior almost always points towards the battery pack being worn out. The battery pack has a high enough Voltage level in it to run the cart momentarily and then its Voltage level drops lower than the controller operates at. Then its Voltage level bounces back after 15 seconds and the process repeats itself. The battery pack will need to be replaced to solve this problem.

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